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The Stretch-Limit Of The US-Iran Rapprochement

from The News Doctors:

On Friday, September 12, the U.S. Congress failed, as was expected, to derail the Iran deal as Republicans could not get a veto-proof majority in either chamber of the bicameral legislature. President Barack Obama has already pledged to veto any congressional resolution that rejects the deal the United States and five other world powers signed with Iran in Vienna in July. `Today`s vote is the latest indication that the more members have studied the historic deal, the more they have come out in support of it,` said the president after Friday`s vote.

However, the story is not so simple as it looks. Although Republicans failed to get a veto-proof majority, opposition to the deal is intense within the US political circles and, as is expected, it is likely to intensify if Republicans happen to come in power in the next year’s election.

The extent of the Republican Party’s opposition to the deal is evident from the details of the proceedings of the last session of the U.S. Congress.

They were able to lead the House to first reject a resolution to approve the Iran nuclear deal by 162 to 269 votes. Later, it passed another resolution to suspend until Jan. 21, 2017, the authority of the president to `waive, suspend, reduce, provide relief from, or otherwise limit the application of sanctions` on Iran. The House also passed a resolution on Thursday, criticising President Obama for not providing Congress with all documents of the Iran deal which, it said, was a violation of the congressional review law passed earlier this year.

Although these latest developments may not have an immediate and direct bearing on the US-Iran relations; however, these developments certainly reflect just how precarious and sensitive the thread of their bi-lateral relations is. The Republicans were just two votes short of getting a veto-free majority; and, if they happen to win the next elections, the U.S-Iran relations might not be able to maintain the current “good-will” momentum.

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