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The Real Winner of the Canadian Election

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

And the results of the hotly contested Canadian election are in. Even as we speak Canadians are digesting the news that they have a different governing party right now. Or maybe the same one. Or maybe it’s a minority government and we’re waiting to see what coalition will be constructed. Or maybe the results aren’t in yet, or maybe it’s too close to call, or maybe something happened and the vote was postponed…

OK, OK, I’ll admit it: I haven’t actually looked at the election results yet. Don’t worry, I will. Once I swallow down the bile and plug my nose and put on my propaganda-deflecting goggles. But even so I can tell you exactly how the new (or same old) government is going to effect the status quo in Canada.

It isn’t.

I say this because my thesis is that no one will ever vote their way to freedom. Not true freedom, anyway. Oh, sure, there will be cosmetic changes here and there. There will be political football issues (even ones that the public are passionate about) on which there is some leeway for difference. But if you’re Hoping for Change through the ballot box…well I think you know how that script goes by now. And yet, people still turn out to the polls in droves to cast their ballots. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Of course, I claim no originality for my thesis. It’s certainly been articulated well enough by others in the past.

There was famed 19th century American author Henry David Thoreau. In his 1849 class on Civil Disobedience he excoriates the “patrons of virtue” who “give only a cheap vote” to ease their conscience that they are doing something about the problems of the world. He goes on to say:

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