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The Federal Reserve Admits to the Crimes They Committed

from The Daily Coin:

People call websites like The Daily Coin, nothing more than propaganda or “conspiracy theory”. Well, why waste time on “theories” when the facts, as discussed by the criminals, are right in front of you? The criminals have a code of conduct that states they must tell us, the little people, what they are going to do before they do it. This way they can sleep at night with a clear conscience. It is your job to listen to what they say, watch their actions and make your plans to counter what is headed in your direction. You sometimes have to learn new words, like Quantative Easing. These words are used to confuse you or to throw you off course and make it easier for you to watch the football game than to be concerned about your personal finances. Aren’t your personal finances being handled by your financial advisor anyway? Well, does that person have your best interest at heart or are they simply looking out for their family with your assets? Ever thought about it from that perspective?

The people that are awake and aware have watched the criminals in Washington DC and their partners in crime on Wall Street, become more arrogant and unconcerned about covering up the crimes they commit. It is no longer necessary to hide, make “back-room deals” or have secret hand-shakes. No, those days are gone.

Today, it is very simple. Commit a crime, discuss it among your peers and reap the rewards of fraud and financial crimes against humanity. No one notices and no one cares. The regulators are all bought and paid for and the regulations are written by the banksters for the banksters. If one of the banksters happens to get caught or overlook a “regulation”, they simply ignore the regulation/law that the banksters wrote or re-write it in order to accommodate the “mistake”. Once again, reaping the rewards of the fraud and/or financial crime against humanity.

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15 comments to The Federal Reserve Admits to the Crimes They Committed

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I listened to those BLOVIATING, BLOWHARD Criminal BlowTards and could NOT fathom their Shit stained, flowery language of Obfuscating masticating farty lips.

    But I do know they are criminals, and would be happy to let them discuss it for the next 100 years in a dark, dirty prison cell with only PORK hot dogs to eat.

    There,, is THAT clear for you? Hahaha.. me neither.

    • Eric

      lol Craig.

      Pork hot dogs are too good for them. Just throw some cockroaches, grubs and maybe a dead rat at them once in a while. Let nature take it’s course.

      By the way, I got some maple bacon popcorn the other day. freakin amazing!

      • Ed_B

        “I got some maple bacon popcorn the other day. freakin amazing!”

        To a popcorn purist, such as myself, that sounds absolutely ghastly. BUT… to each their own. lol

        • Eric

          It was organic. I think. Pretty good actually Ed. But I still prefer just butter or Olive oil and salt.

          I couldn’t eat as much as regular kind but it was tasty.

  • Christine

    “Beginning in 2013 these criminals began telling us they were going to steal the retirement accounts of the American citizens. Google “Jeremy Stein Federal Reserve Cyprus is the go forward model”. The address that Jeremy delivered to the IMF in 2013 spelled it out as clear as your face in the mirror. If you still believe your funds are safe in a bank or the banking system you are sadly mistaken.”

    It started long before that, as early as the 80s, when we were warned almost daily: “Social Security (fully funded and protected at the time… they were planning their next move) is not viable. You NEED to prepare for retirement. Open a 401K. Matched 1 to 1. Managed by your employer. Be smart.” People listened, got scared and opened a 401K without demanding any explanation.

    And they heard, day in, day out… “If by age 60 you don’t have a minimum of 1 million in a 401K, you’ll be underfunded. Buy a house NOW! With a loan secured by Government! Otherwise, underfunded and with no SS, you’ll end up… homeless, old, sick and unemployable!!!” People got scared again and they flocked to buy a grossly overpriced house NOW, NOW, NOW, without asking questions, even though there was still time to “get this straight” from the few remaining honest public servants. 8 millions of them ended up foreclosed upon, after losing their job to NAFTA, “the best economic opportunity for America! We’ll ship the jobs abroad and everything will be peachy here!”

    I suggest that we were told all along what was being cooked and that we all, collectively, are guilty of the same sin: we trusted in government to know what’s best for us and we followed its advice. It is not hindsight 20/20. It is a very bad case of “Those who don’t learn from history” and an even worse case of: “Don’t make waves. Play along to get along.”

    The question now is: what do we do, collectively, to redress it? Nothing, apparently. We can’t even get along on a website to intelligently analyze what we allowed and where we went wrong. How can we possibly expect to accomplish anything other than ranting?

    Rather than finger-point all the time and find culprits, does anyone have ideas? Is anyone actually putting anything into practice, just to test it ahead of time? Government, corporations and banks do not win because they are smarter than us. They win because they know no one will take action against them. In this country, we aren’t. Worldwide, people are. They take their money out. They pay cash and own what they buy. They boycott. They tough it out ahead of time. And they skip meals rather than eat GMOs. And they go back to natural ways of life.

    That’s OK though. The most important thing is to “play along to get along”. And hold on as long as possible to illusion and denial while looking for the whodunits. The American way. And when we don’t have whodunits of our own, MSM will gladly provide a few for you.

    Nothing happens in a vacuum. But vacuums have a tendency to fill with crap very, very fast…

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      ….vacuums have a tendency to fill with crap very, very fast.

      Yes, Christine, you said it. (Shit SUCKS).

    • Ed_B

      I can’t tell anyone else to do, BUT… I can tell them what I am doing. 🙂

      My solution includes the following elements:

      1. remove about $35k from my 401K account each year and use that to buy PMs

      2. use part of my SS benefit, which I started taking 4 years ago at age 62, to buy PMs

      3. stack enough food and water for my family for 6 months

      4. learn to garden and grow a good part of our food myself; stack seeds

      5. comb the Internet for useful advice, print it out, and organize it by topic in 3-ring binders

      6. refuse to use a bank for anything

      7. keep enough money in my CU checking account for 6 months worth of bills / expenses

      8. become my own bank to keep PMs and cash securely available for times of need

      9. build a small solar system that can power a few small appliances, lights, tools, and a battery charger

      10. stack dry wood for our wood stove

      11. stack rechargeable batteries for our laptop PCs, flashlights, phones, etc.

      12. be as well prepared as possible for the S hitting TF; physically, emotionally and spiritually

      13. stack guns and ammo to protect my family and property

      14. be of good cheer whenever possible, because depression can kill us too

      15. have faith in God (if possible), ourselves, our family, our friends, and our communities

      • Good list Ed. But if you have substantial funds in a 401k still, at this point you may want to consider rolling it all or even partially over into a precious metals IRA, a Self Directed IRA, or even a Traditional IRA where you can buy mining shares if you aren’t already. Or possibly even just cashing it out and taking the penalty. I cashed out everything as you know and took the hit a few years ago but the peace of mind I have not having to concern my mind thinking about how much I have in there was worth it. Screw them. I want as little participation with these assholes as possible.

        As always, I’m no financial advisor so don’t listen to me because we all have our own different situations. You are still on a great path and that’s a great list.

      • Christine

        Ed, I would add one…

        Focus your efforts on the 15-25 age range. Many kids get it. They have student debt, no job and they take anything they can, knowing full well that it isn’t what their parents sold them all along. They know something is seriously off, they don’t get “wars as an means to any end” (especially with their worldwide connections), they won’t enlist to go fight abroad and they met so many people of every shade of brown possible that they absolutely don’t give a damn about color. If anything, they make friends… to travel and DISCOVER the world outside of America, housed by and within the different cultures they visit. And those who do become DOERS!

        Our kids have ideas and no means. We have means and no longer any ideas. I focus on the kids. And they don’t give a hoot either about clean one’s house is and what kind of car people drive. Just happy riding when they can. And walking when they have to.

        • Eric

          Yep. Focus on the younger people. I’ve been getting through to so many lately that get it and realize they just need to do a little prepping. All they need is some guidance and advice here and there. They know whats going on. They just haven’t done the research and reading that we have.

  • KRELL427

    Must be a warm feeling to know that the elite’s are going to throw you under a bus or the citizen’s will put you through a wood chipper for screwing them.

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