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The Chinese Yuan just got an Enormous Nitro Boost!

The Yuan is Unleashed

from The Wealth Watchman:

This week we take a look at a new, major market announcement from China, which has enormous ramifications for the world economy, and for the US Dollar(and Euro).

Specifically, we discuss:

A major financial weapon that China has just completed, and how it will change the global currency scene forever…

What the previous obstacle was for the Yuan in internationalization, and why this weapon will obliterate it…

Which nation’s currency that the Yuan just passed in global trade settlement, and where the Yuan now currently ranks…

Why this move by China is both a powerful, offensive weapon, and a defense mechanism as well…

We discuss the real reasons behind the creation of this weapon, and why China’s strategy has been to create as many by-passing systems as possible…


We discuss the gigantic leap that the Chinese currency could take in just 3 years’ time, and what that means for the IMF…

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2 comments to The Chinese Yuan just got an Enormous Nitro Boost!

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    That was a very good “re-cap” of the progress that China is making against the western banking cabal.

    How will it impact Americans in real life? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I imagine that the day may soon come, when it becomes much more difficult & very expensive to buy products that are produced outside of America.
    ….Because as the US dollar falls in value around the world, we will have to pay higher prices or start trading in physical products to obtain things.

    Considering we really don’t make many things in the USA anymore, and even the few things we “assemble here”, the parts come from China, etc.

    Bottom line? …. If you need to buy anything in the next 1-5 years, you should try to BUT it NOW, and either put it into use, or store it in a safe place for when it will be needed.

    The list is HUGE.

    Car parts.
    Home devices & appliances. (HVAC, kitchen appliances, kerosene lamps, camping supplies, water filters, canning supplies, clothing, motors, building materials, etc)

    That is the reason why I went ahead and spent nearly a thousand dollars replacing and updating just about everything in my car. (Water pump, alternator, radiator, master cylinder & brake booster, brakes, rotors pads, lines, plugs, wires, heater core hoses, belts, shocks, CV shafts, struts, etc.

    Gotta fix a few things in the home, and I should be prepared for the possible shortage of parts in the future.

    During my years in the GM car manufacturing factories in Detroit, I saw how SO many of the component parts were imported from Mexico, China, Malaysia, etc etc.

    If we are cut off from Chinese manufacturing, we won’t be able to “make” cars or trucks.

    We make hamburgers and student loans.

  • Christine

    Actually, it might just be what the doctor ordered. A country that no longer can import has to become resourceful, hence restart creating small businesses, under the radar first and declared when they start expanding. In other words, start again to rebuild the middle-class.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about cars and trucks at this juncture: when we do go back to making them, they may be running on… water! Nor would I be overly concerned about food: we have enough land to relearn how to grow it and raise a few chickens in a small scale. And trade with like minded people.

    And in the meantime, I can think of a few people who would greatly benefit from using a bike or their virgin feet. Of course, it would be a serious loss of income for Big oil, Big Pharma and Big banks but they made their bed. Eventually, they’ll have to sleep in it.

    Seen in the right perspective, it is all good.

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