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Texas Teacher Forced 7th Graders To Deny That God Is Real Or Get Failing Grade

[Ed. Note: Common core, liberal atheism and public schooling. Welcome to Mao’s China.]

from Western Journalism:

A Katy, Texas middle school student, Jordan Wooley, testified at a school board meeting about an assignment that questioned the existence of God.

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7 comments to Texas Teacher Forced 7th Graders To Deny That God Is Real Or Get Failing Grade

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Such a STUPID teacher. Setting themselves up to ridicule, protests, job loss, etc.

    It would be MUCH better, instead of making the STUPID statement that God does not exist, the teacher should have done the OPPOSITE thing, and “tasked” the students with the job / lesson, etc,, of PROVING that God Exists.

    (Old books without scientific evidence, ancient stories, and emotional feelings not allowed as evidence.)

    Make the lesson based upon MEASURABLE, documentable, repeatable evidence. The same as any other science.

    Even the speed of light can be measured. The vibration rate of atoms and molecules can be measured and verified. Invisible radio waves can be measured, tuned, transmitted and received, and ALL those things, used to be considered “mysteries of God”.

    Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide are invisible things, and used to be considered a myth until it was PROVEN they existed.

    So go ahead teacher, make the students find and prove God. The biggest, most powerful thing in all the universe, contained in every thing from the biggest to the smallest cannot be THAT hard to locate. It’s easy.

    The really scary part? Is that the harder you look and measure for it, you end up empty handed time after time. So, either you can spend a lifetime of looking, or you could just LIVE your life, be good, avoid doing bad things, and the world will not fall apart.

    In fact, as you do good, and stop waiting for miracles, and everybody else does good and stops waiting for somebody else to fix it, the entire world will become “Heaven on earth” by your own hands.

    • glitter 1

      Can you prove a man and a woman had sex to give birth to a person called CEFD?How would you know without a shadow of a doubt?Who/what was there to document the act?Where’s the proof?

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Who or what is CEFD?
        cefD recombinant protein :: Isopenicillin N epimerase (cefD) Recombinant Protein?

        What is the PROOF that “A” had sex with “B” and gave birth to “C”?

        It’s called DNA testing. Nobody had to be there watching the action.

        It is measurable. Testable. Repeatable results. A+B=C

        Hope that helps. Even the AMISH know what DNA is.

  • pipes

    Teacher has delusions of being a modern day “Scopes”.


  • Christine

    At the risk of being called all kinds of names, I personally have my doubts about the veracity of this story. Meaning that I will want a lot info more than just a convenient video of a 13 or 14 year old girl who expresses herself… too much like an adult for it not to be rehearsed. I don’t care how intelligent and educated the kid is. The truth is that kids her age DO NOT naturally express themselves so articulately, without “hum” or hesitation, in such perfectly well-constructed sentences that most adult are incapable of formulating, including those coming from Harvard, Princeton or any other Ivy League. I do not DENY that the story is true but I will not ACCEPT it as true on the basis one that one video, no matter how much alternative media harps on it. I will wait for a real journalist to go interview the kid and I will compare with how she does truly express herself spontaneously.

    There is an enormous effort made in this country to pin everyone against everyone else and get people riled by whatever means possible. Using children to that effect is despicable but it has become so routine that it raises suspicion in me almost immediately. Remember the little Kuwaiti kid who “testified” to the alleges horrors Saddam Hussein inflicted on a children’s hospital. She was subsequently debunked, including by alternative media.

    In today’s climate, extreme caution is necessary if we don’t want to play into the hands of TPTB and start deadly riots at the drop of a hat.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit


      Just look at all the “Scripted” support of “Sandy Hook” shooting, Adam Lanza, etc.

      Or the TWin Towers getting airplane bombed, but Israeli agents video taping it, dancing and celebrating, then later on Israel TV, talking about their role.

      Or the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

      The “Warren Report” declaring Lee Harvey Oswald was the Lone assassin.

      So many lies.

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