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Syria as US/Russia Proxy War

from TF Metals Report:

The situation in Syria has grown even more dangerous than the crisis in Ukraine. Thank goodness we have Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen available each week to keep us all up-to-date with fair, objective news and analysis.

This week’s must listen program is full of information that you need to hear:

  • An overall update on the recent headlines from both Ukraine and Syria
  • A discussion of the just-released Dutch report on the cause of the crash of MH17
  • An explanation and history of the first Cold War from 1946-1991
  • And a disturbing discussion of the proposal, put forth by the American “War Party”, to send Stinger and other surface-to-air missiles to the US-backed “moderate rebels” of Syria (all four or five of them?)

As usual, please take the time to listen to this extremely important podcast.


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1 comment to Syria as US/Russia Proxy War

  • Christine

    As much as I applaud Trey Gowdy for his relentlessness in investigating Benghazi, it will be for naught if he doesn’t zero in on… THE MONEY!

    It is a well-known non-secret that the Clintons are heavily invested in private military contractors, most of them large corporations quoted on nasdaq (extensive list of the US ones here:

    Likewise, “official elected” such as Schumer, McCain, Graham have a vested interest of keeping the US involved in as many wars as can be manufactured. It is not so much a question of “all wars are bankers’ wars” but that all wars profit American politicians. Until people fully realize the extent to which war IS a business like any other one (and much, much more profitable! The largest export we have left in this country!) and refuse to pay federal taxes, whose sole purpose was originally to “fund the wars”, the US will keep fighting anything, anywhere, anytime, as long as money can be made by the few waging them.

    I can easily predict that, even assuming Gowdy were to pinpoint serious legal breaches on Clinton’s part,
    1) They will not stick without public outcry;
    2) It will not stop the race to the bottom we’re engaged into;
    3) It may even not even be enough to prevent her from being elected.

    What people need to understand is that when war is the business of the few, it is sloppy, aimless, gratuitously performed and profoundly devastating. One of the reasons Russia is scoring so high and hitting all its targets is that its military nor its research are privatized. Its military is part of the population and the cost of it all is borne by the entire nation. Likewise for China. Just wait until China is forced to participated into whatever Halliburton concocts: the American private military contractors will be wiped out in a NY second!

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