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Soothing the Savage [Beast]

from Survival Blog:

It’s easy, when preparing for the worst, to concentrate only on material needs and ignore the less tangible but vital elements of health. Music, and the ability to produce it, will be an extremely important salve on the mental, emotional, and even physical wounds of a diminished lifestyle, should the SHTF. Modern science has shown us that there are tangible physical benefits of listening to music, including the ability to help in healing illness and injury.

We must remember it’s only been in the most recent decades that the Western musical experience became the passive listening of professional recording artists. Now, they enter our homes, indeed, go directly into our heads, by way of technology. The manner in which we have customized play lists today was, for thousands of years, an unheard of luxury. The space and expense required for numerous and varied musicians at one’s beck and call would have been fantastical, even to kings and queens!

Given our contemporary habit of music-on-demand, it is reasonable to expect this to be something keenly missed, should our electronics and/or Internet connections become compromised for more than a few hours. The good news is that music itself does not depend upon modern power, and thankfully there are many ways to include it in our planning, even if we aren’t particularly musical ourselves.

In Case of Emergency

To be sure, the sudden loss of the ubiquitous music mobile device will cause frustration, particularly with younger generations, who plug-in to tune-out or separate themselves from others. Expect a period of unpleasant withdrawal! The wise home leader will keep a small stockpile of earphones and batteries, which take up little space, along with a plan to help individual members of the household transition. Having good radios available will help, if music stations are still on the air.

Consider making a list of favorite artists for each person in the household; then, stock up on CDs or vinyl records that can be played in a battery-operated machines. So-called boom boxes have CD players, as do the older model Walkman, if you can find one. Be forewarned if you are purchasing a boom box for CDs that the players tend to wear out long before the radio. There are also battery-operated turn tables available in antique stores and new models manufactured by Crosby, which even have an old-fashioned design.

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