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  • Millicent

    Those first stacks of coins and bars are suspended in mid air. They need to be setting upon the rocks before they are considered “safe & sound”.

  • AgShaman

    The new millennium shoe shine boy = your UPS driver, and mine told me to buy silver….because that’s what a lot of Amerikwans are doing now according to him and his delivery based inside info.

    I told him thanks for the advice and I would look into and consider it.

    • Kim

      Encouraging comment AgShaman.

      • AgShaman

        No worries Kim. It seems to me that many Amerikwans have gotten the message and have responded by buying what PM’s they can….and have kept it more secret than some of us, mainly out of fear I think.

        All that remains to be seen is whether we can all survive intact and get to the other side of the chaos that’s planned. The zombies and collectivists will be armed with hate and discontent fomented by the criminal leadership that plans to push them past the fringes of sanity.

    • Eric

      I have a mail jerk who is nosey as crap.

      “Here’s that gold that you ordered.”

  • John

    The largest coin store/bullion dealer where I am in Taiwan said he has never seen demand like this. The only thing he had last week was a few hundred of the perth mint kangaroos left and now I believe they have nothing. I think the demand will pick up like this on gold as well.

    • SGT

      Thanks for the info John.

      • David Chan

        You are right, I think, because in Hong Kong, the sales of silver has been fire-hot and tight. I am a frequent buyer of silver no matter what price is, was or had been. The silver Eagles, in particular, have been in huge demand recently. According to a senior customer officer in a renowned retail store, middle-class buyers are increasing significantly. He told me that if the location of his shop in Central Business District could provide some parking space for the clients, he would have sold out everything already. There is simply no space to stop cars for a brief moment even if you do not mind receiving a traffic ticket!

  • Rob

    Dave = The story teller without words. Nice

  • Loquito

    Yes my friends! Buy what you can afford and continue stacking=) Just receive silver from the DOCS and ordering more next Friday=)

    Thank you Sean for all your work!

  • KRELL427

    The real smart money is all ready there, because we always saw it , knew it, and had the balls to put our money where our mouths were and do the right thing.

  • andy222

    got to love that Dees artistry thanx sean keep stacking guys for sure

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I agree with Krell427, the truly smart money started stacking & prepping YEARS ago.

    It’s the LATE comers (the SLOW learners) that are RUSHING into the PM’s right now, but lucky for ALL of us, the prices are at historical ALL time LOWS!!!!

    Not only is it Historically at the lowest levels, but it’s also HYSTERICAL (funny) that TPTB have “painted themselves into a corner” that they are making it CHEAPER for all the stackers to buy MOAR silver at these FANTASTIC Low rates. Period.

    They are SO CLUELESS, just like “Kryton” from “Red Dwarf” (TV space comedy series from BBC)

  • JoeinSyracuse

    Krell said, ‘The real smart money is all ready there, because we always saw it , knew it, and had the balls to put our money where our mouths were and do the right thing.’

    Not so sure about that. I consider myself more informed than my M$M friends and have stacked for years now but to claim i’m smarter than they, after watching my stack value drop as others who have been blindly getting 20-30% on their stock portfolios makes me wonder. Yes, of course stackers are in the right place for the right reasons and as many say, better a year early than a day late but in hind sight, i wish i had just learned of the utility of metals today, i’d own a whole lot more. So more informed yes, smarter? Dunno.

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      @JoeinSyracuse, I agree with your frustration about the timing. But don’t substitute/confuse “accidental lucky timing” with wisdom.

      The smart, informed money has long been going into silver, etc, but the stock markets have been supported by the criminal manipulations, ponzi, etc, but such schemes are not good, they are merely CLEVER at their corruptions.

      Those clever criminal activities will eventually come crashing down, and if you had the gift of being able to see into the future, you’d know the moment it would arrive.

      But very few of us have such gifts, and we must do what is smart rather than trying to ride to riches on the coat-tails of the criminals. When the criminal falls down, his coat tails will be the first thing to fall into the mud.

      Yes, I am envious of the mindless stock holding idiots who are making money while my silver has been shoved into a stagnant gutter. But I know the stocks, bonds, real estate, etc will come crashing down when the “house of cards” falls apart.

      The wisdom still holds true. It’s better to prepare FAR too early, or surely you will be FAR TOO LATE. Better to be 10 years too early instead of 10 minutes too late.

      And, even Ben Franklin said it: “Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail.”

      • Ed_B

        There is nothing “mindless” about owning stocks. In fact, if one is reasonably good at it, it’s a lot of damned hard work.

        Those of us who have made a good bit of money in the stock market and then channeled the bulk of those profits into PMs are in the best possible position now. PMs are a superb PART of one’s overall portfolio. Everyone needs to make up their own mind on this but for me a 10-15% asset allocation to PMs is just about perfect.

        The rest can go into other things, including productive land, tools, preps, and, yes, stocks in good companies with solid earnings. For the past 4 years, owning stocks has been very profitable while owning PMs has not been. But that’s OK because stock owners know that not all assets are up or down at the same time. I see my PMs much more as financial insurance and inflation protection than an “investment”. They do their job and my stocks, funds, and ETFs do theirs.

        Currently, I am out of this market and will likely be so for the next month or so. When the time seems right, I will be going bargain hunting. Meanwhile, PMs will also be purchased on a regular basis. Typically, that will be quarterly and 200-300 ozs. of silver or 5-6 oz. of gold at a time. This approach works well for me. If it doesn’t work for others, they should feel free not to use it and find something that does. 🙂

  • Hondo Stalwart

    Collapse … when??? has always been the essential question. It is glaringly evident paper-dollar-fiat is failing, as history helps us understand.

    If it’s not hard, it’s not an asset.

    One news story that really caught my attention was Mike Novogratz of Fortress closing out the FIG (ticker) fund and returning monies to investors. I know the Family, and, to me, THIS closing sends a clear message (signal) of the “When” question. (just my humble opinion).

    • Millicent

      “Collapse … when???” You’ll be asking yourself that same question 10 years from now. Go live your life as you see fit and stop letting others herd you into their pastures.

      • Ed_B

        Agreed. “When” is not really an important question to those of us who KNOW that the US$ / economy / US Treasury paper system will collapse at some point. While this is inevitable it is not necessarily imminent. Just take care of any prepping you feel necessary so that when the S finally does HTF, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done all you can for yourself and your family. Once a person becomes well prepped, the “when” question becomes quite irrelevant.

        Those who seek to put off their prepping until the last minute, make a big deal out of the “when” question because they are trying to time the disaster. This is not possible but they continue to do it. Then, when it is a sure thing that the S is hitting TF, they run out with the other sheeple and clean off the store shelves. We see this all the time when a hurricane comes. No activity until the last minute and then furious activity immediately before the storm hits. That’a really pathetic when one thinks about it.

        Bottom line: forget “when” and concentrate on why, what, and how. 🙂

      • Hondo Stalwart

        Well, they have been building b0mb shelters for over 60 years. The msm has many ascaired.

        I’ve been prepped since 09 as best as financially afforded.

        Might be another 60 years Millicent until … when???. Your point is well understood, as I try to live in the now.

        For the sake of our Families and our children s Families, I hope and Pray cooler heads always prevail.


  • petedivine

    I don’t feel like I’ve missed a financial opportunity since investing my wealth in PMs. We are witnessing rampant financial fraud, sanctioned criminality, and the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people throughout the globe in support of an unsustainable mockery of the U.S. I cannot participate in such a system. Nor will I willingly participate in or promulgate the type of criminal behavior that destroys the fabric of America. This systems feeds on U.S. It destroys our elderly by depriving them of a return on their life’s savings, and it destroys our young by enslaving them to debt in every aspect of their lives. I don’t see profits, I see temptation. The people that support such criminality are trying to devour all the wealth they can before its destroys the U.S. or enslaves U.S. As P.T. Barnum once said ” here’s A sucker born every minute”. Its a hard lesson and one that most “investors” in 401Ks and financial instruments will learn over the next few years.

  • Joel

    I see three crocodiles. I assume they are Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen. I visualize a Spartan running thru the bridge as he skewers the three satanic gators with his spear.

  • Deforest

    I won’t invest in silver because JP Morgan did. I will invest in gold because the rest of the world does and because and mainly the US doesn’t have a significant amount in its reserves. It means that I am not going to play their game. I am not following JP Morgan because I want them to crash like Walmart’s shareholder. And, contrary to I guess the majority, I don’t invest in gold in the hope that its value will increase but as a security against the crushing of the dollar.

  • Steve_D

    Deutsche Bank reveals radical restructuring plan

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