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The Doc from SD Bullion and Silver Doctors and our friend Eric Dubin from News Doctors join us to discuss the latest developments in the global precious metals markets where we see the Perth Mint selling 3.5 million of its one ounce Silver Kangaroo coins in one day. We also discuss the action in for PHYSICAL silver in India which has led Steve St. Angelo to conclude that demand for PHYSICAL silver worldwide will destroy the rigged paper markets once and for all. And once again we hit on the 1980 inflation adjusted all time high for silver which now sits at $601 per ounce. With silver priced at $15 per ounce today, it equates to less than $2/ounce silver in 1980 dollars. Something is very wrong with this picture. Got PHYSICAL?

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  • Eric

    Good Stuff! I ordered 300 of those Kangaroos today from SD Bullion. Check goes out tomorrow. Can’t wait to see em.

    Always love hearing from The Doc and Eric Dubin.

    Thanks guys!

    • Craig escaped from Detroit

      Hey Eric,
      Here is some “street trading” silver, where you can “make change” into smaller denominations.

      I think this about the same as having the old silver quarters. Easy to test. And with each mini bar marked as “1/4 troy ounce” makes it easy for every shop, every street citizen to figure out what it’s worth.

      If I didn’t already have a decent supply of silver quarters & dimes on hand, I’d be getting these to top up my “silver pantry”.

      • Eric

        Ah ha. That’s cool. I like the karatbars and the credit card size ones for gold that you can fit in your wallet, but none of them look as nice as coins. The other part I like about the coins over that is the numismatic value. I was just telling someone yesterday that generic rounds will still be generic rounds in 5 years, but semi numismatics will have numismatic value due to limited mintage. They are also easier to sell for the price you want. Anyways, to each their own. Good stuff.

        I don’t know why more people don’t wake up and start accepting payment in gold and silver as well as stupid fiat currency, but I expect they will.

        • Ed_B

          “I don’t know why more people don’t wake up and start accepting payment in gold and silver as well as stupid fiat currency, but I expect they will.”

          I think that I do… people are reactive rather than proactive, so won’t change their ways until they get smacked upside the head with a 2×4. When, not if, there is a bank holiday, bail-in, and / or US$ devaluation and they lose a good chunk of what they thought they had, THAT will be the 2×4 that wakes them up. Prior to that, they simply will not take seriously much of anything that we “kooks on the fringe” have to say about such things. 🙁

          We, on the other hand, won’t be the ones who are whining and crying over our financial spilt milk. Our gold and silver will be worth whatever the multiple is from the financial fiasco and we will be able to buy just as much with it as we always could… maybe more. 🙂

  • Eric

    Yeah guys it’s difficult to imagine what the level of anger and depression and desperation all around us is going to be like when this all gets going and hits the fan.

    It will certainly be a different world than it is today.

    • SGT

      Damn straight Eric. Tell us what you think of those Kangaroos once you see them, I need to buy some. And again, it’s truly incredible that due to all of the Federal Reserve criminality the inflation adjusted all-time high for silver in 2010-2011 was $138 … and in 2015 Dollars it is $601. Stunning. Do the math guys. That means $15/ounce silver TODAY is equal to LESS than $2/ounce silver in 1980 Dollars. We have all been given the gift of a financial time machine. Use it.

    • Ed_B

      “It will certainly be a different world than it is today.”

      Maybe, maybe not. What WILL be different is people’s perception of the world and its finances. Once events rip the curtain away from the Wiz, EVERYONE and not just us will know who’s pulling which levers to make all this sh… er, stuff happen.

      Something that will be in terrific contrast with today will be the number of people who FINALLY understand WHY we stack PMs and why bullion PMs are less an investment and more a financial insurance instrument.

      Scenario 1:

      The US Gov bites the bullet and “revalues” gold to $5,000 an oz. This will be the spin but the truth will be that they have just devalued the US$ by 75% or so. Everyone who keeps their wealth in US$ will suddenly lose 75% or so of their buying power. Those who keep their wealth in PMs, however, will see NO loss of buying power and might even seen an increase. We will be the ones who will ride out financial disaster better than most people who have nothing but disintegrating paper assets.

      Scenario 2:

      A bank holiday is declared, the banks and ATMs are closed for several days to a few weeks. When they reopen, capital controls will be in place and only a small amount of our money in the bank will be available to us. This will likely go on for months until some sort of resolution is reached and the banking system returns to “normal”.

      Scenario 3:

      The banks announce late on a Friday that the system is insolvent and that it will be necessary for the depositors to recapitalize the bank’s losses, even though we had ZERO to do with the dumb investments that caused the banks to become insolvent. Think derivatives here or huge loans to commodity trading companies / hedge funds. The banks get ALL of the profits when these schemes work but none of the losses when they fail. Grrr…


      While these 3 scenarios are listed as separate items, it is highly possible that we will see some combo of 2 or even all 3 of these in the not too distant future. This is why we need to hold cash and PMs in our own hands rather than keeping our wealth in the banks where we have become defined not as depositors, who would be in line to receive bank assets when they fail and go through bankruptcy, but as “unsecured creditors” who get nothing when a bank fails due to their own incompetence. If we put our currency in their bank and this makes us unsecured creditors, then they are really saying that our cash has no value as a security. WTF? Given all this, letting these sticky-fingered cretins handle our wealth is really dumb. So, don’t do dumb things… become your own bank and be your own wealth holder. This eliminates the counter-party risk that they are counting on when they get yet another “attack of the stupids”… which they will because they have learned absolutely nothing of any real value from their past very expensive mistakes. 🙁

  • Eric

    And since it’s almost Halloween…

  • FSM-EU

    Greetings from Europe
    I spoke with my local bullion dealer who provided me with some colour on the Silver market situation as it impacts him. He’s what he had to say:
    • There is a major backlog of the ability to produce “blanks” as pretty much all available inventory of Silver for this purpose (prior to minting the coins) was depleted several months ago.
    • As times for delivery of products have increased, the feeding frenzy (driven by spot price going lower) has continued.
    • Although he won’t get any ASEs until December (and has sold them all anyway) he’s selling ASEs for $10 over spot all-in!
    • Here in EU the Germans and Austrians are big buys of Silver. Most of the demand for his ASEs has come from a significant up-tick in orders from Germany. The Austrian mint is now trying to address its production issues too, hence the ASE demand from EU:
    • The current situation will not improve anytime soon as there is a medium to long term manufacturing output issue building up. ASEs and Maples cannot be made quick enough to meet demand and this is made worse with the “blank” production issue.
    • Without immediate investment in production equipment, there is a danger that the physical market has now “properly” disconnected from the paper price. You cannot make 20 million coins a month on a 5 million infrastructure. This is likely also one of the reasons recent stories have surfaced to suggest the US mint is looking to outsource production to Sunshine.
    Assuming this information is accurate, any “removal” in size of 1000oz bars from such stores as the COMEX will make this production “Bullwhip” effect far, far worse. Also, in relation to your interview with Doc and Dubin, it seems to me that due to the factors suggested above, it makes perfect sense that the Perth min run out of Kangaroos so quickly. Perhaps it won’t be long before we’re not able to get our hands on our favour coins!

    • Ed_B

      Hello there from the USA! 🙂

      Thanks for your on-scene information. It is very important that we all get good info from many places in the world and Europe is quite important in many ways.

      With the disappearance of sufficient quantities of 1-oz. national mint coins, perhaps now is the time to be switching to bars in various sizes? 1-oz, 5-oz., and 10 oz. bars still allow us to buy and hold as much silver as we can afford, whether the usual coins are available or not. Just a thought.

  • NIX

    Sean for once your wrong on the monday’s slamolia! Happy + 0.35 cents

  • Troy

    Just picked up another 44 ounces today

  • John Farang

    Sounds like a real shortage. If you are desperate to find silver check out the “Daily Deals” tab at the top of the page. The major dealers like Apmex, Silver Towne, MCM, and Bay Precious Metals have all you want. I doubt you could buy all their silver from them. Oh yeah, the premiums aren’t bad either, and if you can use our credit card and pay with Paypal. Don’t worry about the credit card interest, cause when silver hits $50 any day now you can sell the silver and pay off your credit card! Wow!

    • Ed_B

      “Don’t worry about the credit card interest, cause when silver hits $50 any day now you can sell the silver and pay off your credit card! Wow!”

      Wow! is right, John. I hope that this was sarcasm on your part because using credit to buy PMs violates all kinds of intelligent asset acquisition rules, not to mention logic. lol

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