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Shock Waves Spread From Anti-Gun Court Decision

from The Daily Bell:

Following the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, measures were passed both in Connecticut and New York that put some restrictions on gun ownership. These measures placed a ban on semi-automatic weapons bearing certain military assault weapon features and the possession of high capacity magazines. This seems fairly unobjectionable, but groups of gun rights advocates still attempted to overturn these prohibitions. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted on Oct. 19 to uphold the measures by and large. They made the right decision. – Daily Titan

Dominant Social Theme: Guns are bad for people and other living things.

Free-Market Analysis: The Daily Titan is a student newspaper, but we’ve deliberately led with its summary of the latest court decision regarding guns (and Sandy Hook) because it provides us with a variety of anti-gun memes that appear in various guises with predictable regularity.

The passion, generally, that gun-control issues arouse makes it an extremely contentious issue to resolve.

Here, from various parts of the article:

Guns with the magazines and firing capacities that exist today did not exist when the Constitution was written. Yet, when the slightest limitation is proposed for gun ownership, millions cry “unconstitutional.”

… After all “We the People,” originally meant “We the white, property-owning males.” Failure to recognize these basic, contextual facts is detrimental to our society.

Several arms and ammunition sellers, including Beikirch Ammunition Corporation and Blueline Tactical Supply, were among the plaintiffs, according to the court summary. This blatantly reveals the corruption and ulterior motives that get tangled up into the debate.

Why should differences in firepower affect the validity of the Second Amendment (though in fact some courts have recognized they do)? And why should the skin color of Founding Fathers have an impact on the debate?

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4 comments to Shock Waves Spread From Anti-Gun Court Decision

  • randy0302

    Of course, as everyone knows, no one was killed at Sandy Hook.
    A nation built on a foundation of lies can not stand.

  • Stefan

    It would be encouraging if the Daily Bell knew it’s ass from it’s elbow. But they don’t and they spew out nonsense of a horrific shooting that never happened. And so it goes, fat lazy Americans with no critical thinking skills believe it is best to wear a target on their foreheads and over their hollow dark hearts for evil men to shoot with abandon and pleasure.

    Now if these lazy dip-shits had just an ounce of God Fearing Spirituality, they would know they have not only a right, but a mandate from on High, to protect life. Not only their own, (apparently), valueless lives, but the highly valuable lives of their families and of others.

    Hmmmm, perhaps we have stumbled upon something here. If these folks have no sense of their own responsibility, to their own self preservation, why would they give a rats ass about anybody else, with a sense on self preservation for their families, self and others?

  • d

    Those that worship and blindly follow earthly men and women as in . scumbag politicians, and chase after material treasures…will feel the wrath of the Lord… it by lightening or lead, even some of those that consider them self’s Christians….imho

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