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Red List News – Episode 44

from Red List News:

On episode 44 of Red List News, Jim goes deep into a grim prediction by Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Is a false-flag attack designed to suspend the Bill of Rights on the way soon? Mike thinks so. Next, Dave covers the continuing march towards WW III, as US warships successfully intercept a missile in war game exercises with European allies. Moving closer to home, Jim spotlights a recent statement by the FBI director that cases of Islamic Radicalization are now being investigated in all 50 states. Dave drops the hammer on the world’s leading retailer, Walmart, as he highlights a recent decision which forces Walmart to remove the bogus “Made in USA” labels that they falsely attached to toys made in China. Closing out the show, Jim, once again, reports about the job-killing “robot revolution,” which now seems inevitable; as one Swiss manufacturer has created a robot that can build a building. Lastly, Dave covers the wildly popular, always candid, Donald Trump. This time, Trump is pointing out what many of us already know; Hillary is being protected by some powerful people.

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