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Red List News – Episode 39

from Red List News:

On episode 39 of Red List News, Jim goes deep underground to a landfill fire burning in St. Louis which could release radioactive smoke over a population of 3 Million people. Next, Dave reports on a potential disaster of a different flavor as China has seemed to back out of an agreement made with Obama and are increasing their naval presence in the South China Sea. Robots are once again in the news as researchers in Japan have created a “Laundriod” which can wash, dry and even fold your clothes. How long before men couple one of these with the upcoming “sex robots,” which are on the way, and the already fragile institution of traditional marriage crumbles? Dave covers the mafia-like tactics of Whole Foods next as he highlights a 61-yr old woman who forgot to ring her cheese and was summarily interrogated. Closing out the show, Jim covers the outrageous expenditures on military-grade armaments by the EPA. Is this really needed to protect the water and air? Lastly, Dave covers the fraud-in-chief’s comments in a recent interview which claim that suspicion of government slows progress and keeps America from doing “big things.”

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