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Red List News – Episode 38

from Red List News:

On episode 38 of Red List News, Dave goes deep into the mind of Bill Gates and his propensity to favor everything that comes out of the United Nations. Now, Mr. Gates wants his own “Hitler Youth” army. Next, Jim sounds the alarm being rang by so many experts that, in the future, humanity is at great risk of being murdered by machines. Moving to politics, Dave highlights the fact that only one candidate, Donald Trump, is even mentioning the dangers of vaccines and their relationship to Autism. As if two catastrophic nuclear plant disasters were not enough, China is rolling the dice on avoiding a third as they plan to build a nuclear facility in earthquake ravaged Pakistan. Rounding out the broadcast, Dave reports on the Stockton Mayor who was detained, against his will, by TSA at San Francisco International Airport. Lastly, Jim covers an article that could have been penned by George Orwell as the “fraud in chief” claims that bombing ISIS, and taking out their training camps, only makes them stronger.

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