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Red List News Episode 32

from Red List News:

On Episode 32 of Red List News, Jim goes deep with the real threat of an “accidental” bio-terror release, as University and state-run facilities have both been derelict in their employee screening processes. Next, Dave highlights naked eugenics in Mexico as one “official” wants to exterminate those pesky un-desirables. Ironically, these are the very people she is supposed to be serving. “If you can’t help them, kill them” appears to be the plan. The operating arm of the globalist cabal, the United Nations, is the next topic as Jim reports on a worldwide effort to spread Marxism amongst our children in the name of educational fairness. The absence of free-speech in Germany is spotlighted next as Dave explores the plan to snatch the children of those who post anti-immigrant material. Closing out the show, Jim reports on the nosedive of Mainstream Media, and how American’s trust in them has dipped to an all-time low. Lastly, Dave ponders how many of us would be prepared for a solar-flare with only 12 hours warning. Since the projections are for 90% population loss, I would guess not too many.

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