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There Is No Raw Silver Shortage

by Justin O’Connell, GoldSilverBitcoin:

Discussion about whether or not there is a silver shortage has divided the silver community. More information about the situation has recently come out. The discussion usually revolves around to points of view: that there is no silver shortage, merely a coin shortage as certain Mints run out of blanks to mint coins. The other says there is not enough silver in the world. As David Morgan stated:

“A pet peeve of mine is when an article is published talking about a shortage in silver or gold. Recently, we have seen an increase in articles claiming that there is a precious metals shortage simply because both the U.S. Mint and Royal Canadian Mint ran out of blanks. Both Government Mints predetermine a rough amount they will mint at the start of the year. When demand surges, a “bottleneck” can occur and this has happened in the past. Why is this such a pet peeve? Because a shortage in a specific silver product does NOT mean a shortage in the raw material. It would be like saying there is a rice shortage if Rice Krispies stopped being produced momentarily.”

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2 comments to There Is No Raw Silver Shortage

  • I feel this item could have been worded to an extent in a different manner. Anyone remember the hit song “How Long Has This Been Going On?” We’ve had recurring interruptions in silver for quite a few months, especially “allocations” of silver eagles. I repeat, if there’s a shortfall in manufacturing capacity, a normal market adjusts by adding capacity. Treasury has had more than ample time to respond to its upcoming demands by fabrication capacity increases on the part of blank suppliers. Treasury flouted the intent of Congress that they meet all demand for eagles and stages one interruption and stall job after another. The reason is to stretch out the silver supply as far as possible to prolong the reign of the Federal Reserve. The Treasury Secretary is a silver suppressor, and the silver eagle program must make him feel like his bed is swarming with roaches. A rising price would cure a shortage, but the price isn’t being allowed to rise as that makes the dollar appear weak. Jeff Nielson recently mentioned “silver from nowhere” and a “secret stockpile.” Borrowing from past production accounts for this situation. There hasn’t been one secret hoard, there have been multiple such of varying sizes. The only explanation of the April 2011 run-up is that an interruption in so-called lease supplies of gold or silver or both took place, which was quickly corrected and the price managed back down. Again in mid April 2013 the price was managed from $30 to $18 due to this secretive borrowing from the past. I am of the view that the Bank of Mexico was a major source of silver in that episode, and that much Mexican silver production has been under reported and ended up in the spiderweb of the Bank of Mexico. The same can be said of the Peruvian central bank. And in Mexico, the Bank has bribed enough lawmakers to block silver remonetization. Absence of a shortage can be postulated in the sense of the old example of the hourglass. The rate the sand drains to the lower half remains constant until it’s emptied. Silver isn’t a renewable commodity like agricultural products (“Rice Krispies”). Control of the silver market is in profoundly dishonest hands else it wouldn’t be history’s most heavily shorted commodity. To repeat–I feel the item could have been worded in a different manner. If silver is never going anywhere, what are any of us doing in it? Three major members of the Silver Users Association dropped out last summer because their silver market intelligence is far ahead of all the longs like us. They exited in advance of an impending price scandal involving availability issues at sharply higher prices as millions enter a frenzied scramble to trade trash dollars for something that can’t go broke. It appears that even the Texas State Legislature has been intimidated so as to not demand immediate return of Texas gold, as there sure is a deep gold shortage else all foreign claimants could get it immediately. If either metal goes berserk, they both do. Then you can buy a pallet of Rice Krispies for two silver quarters. In the face of all this, the spectacle of really stupid pension fund managers, as typified by those in Illinois, not moving to acquire silver/gold, constitutes an orgy of folly whose equal is rarely approached.

  • david

    Justin where is your reply…..Charles schooled you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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