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Putin’s Wild Card in Syria

from VT:

When Putin boldly decimated ISIS in Syria, he also checkmated the RKM in its Blood Feud of revenge that has been directed against the non-Khazarian Russian People for over 1300 years. There appears to be much more to this story behind Putin’s bold confidence and assertive defense of his long term ally, Syria, who requested help from the Russian Federation.

In one of the most unexpected turn of events in recent history, Putin and the Russian Federation, at the request of his ally Syria, moved Russian aircraft into Syria and deployed high tech cruise missiles from a thousand miles away to rapidly decimate over 40% of ISIS.

This bold, unexpected lightning defense of his long term ally, Syria, has decimated ISIS, but is really a checkmate against the whole *RKM and has sent shock-waves around the world, leaving the Pentagon in complete disarray and the CIA completely discredited as a major Terror Operation in the Mideast.

It has also left the Likudists, Netanyahu and their stateside Cutouts shocked and dismayed and so angry they are now coming unglued. Israelis are becoming increasingly paranoid by the minute, buying guns at a rapid rate, and expecting an invasion from all sides at any time. Payback is a real bitch and all the hell-on-earth that these Likudists have created for Palestinians is now coming home to Israel.

Unless we clean up our RKM corrupt, infiltrated Pentagon and disband the CIA, DHS, and the Federal Reserve System it is likely that Americans will find themselves being treated by the Palestinians by this Israeli-American Terror Machine which is now gearing up to fight a major internal war against the American People. Their agenda? To stifle all dissent and continue unchallenged and unabated in their quest to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s newest and largest open-air prison camp and make us all their new Palestinians, after of course they have asset stripped us bare and made us into penniless serfs and slaves.

Israelis have been misled by their leaders to believe that Russia is now after them, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s the RKM and their leaders who have been after the non-Khazarian Russians for many, many years. These paranoid beliefs in this case are “psychological projections”, a by-product of the process of accusing others of what you have secretly been doing but refuse to admit to yourself or others, a psychological mechanism the RKM and many Israeli leaders have become known for and one that protects them from the truth at all costs, even their own future payback.

This is unnecessary because all they have to do is boot out Netanyahu and the Likudist Terrorists and get on with the peace process that should have been concluded many years ago with the return of all the settlements to Palestinians back to the 1947 borders. Sadly the peacemakers in Israel have been ignored for years and marginalized by the RKM owned war hawks who are incredibly paranoid and always favor an early first-strike strategy. This time they never saw Putin’s defense of Syria materializing and were caught completely off guard.

They thought their puppet the pentagon would never allow such a move as what Putin did. they couldn’t have been more mistaken because the Pentagon has been surpassed by the latest super high-tech Russian weapons system that really work as claimed and this has now defanged the Pentagon.

Right now the Pentagon is pointing fingers at the CIA accusing them of being bumblers, and the CIA is blaming the Pentagon. Both have been functioning under the spell and control of the RKM and Israel, aided and abetted by the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors. And for the first time, thanks to the recognition of who did the 9-11-01 attack on America, most are getting to know who these folks are by name (the PNACers, the top Neocons and their Cutouts who have been bought and sold by the RKM and its espionage fronts in America like AIPAC).

It is likely that this unexpected checkmate of the RKM in Syria is going to lead to the RKM’s complete dis-empowerment, failure of its “Greater Israel Plan” to occupy the whole Mideast and then the whole world, including failure in using NATO and its Cutouts the Pentagon and CIA mercenary armies to surround Russia and Balkanize it.

The final result of checkmate in Syria is a cascade of exposure and failure for the RKM which has been brought on by this Russian Federation’s unexpected decimation of the RKM’s ISIS in Syria will likely end up being the complete collapse of the RKM’s Evil Empire all over the world and its ugly parasitical hold on America’s key institutions and private fake central banking, the biggest financial fraud in history.

This checkmate and exposure of the RKM is also likely to eventually result complete boycotting, sanctioning and divestiture of Israel by the World and its Balkanization. Every day more and more folks all over the Wold come to understand that Israel is now considered the main operative source of RKM False-flag terror in the Mideast and all over the World including the attack on America on 9-11-01 and the bombing of the Murrah Building as well as the bombing of the Khobar Towers.

The last US Carrier group in the Mideast was called home, and this alone has confused many who thought the American nuclear carriers and their state-of-the-art Aegis missile defense shield were invincible and should stay put in order to stop ISIS.

But, we now know that ISIS is an Israeli-American Terror Machine creation for the RKM and it is senseless for the Pentagon to continuing aiding and abetting the RKM’s terror and mercenary proxy wars in the Mideast, or serving as the defender of the RKM and Israel by deploying Navy Carriers. The US Administration now clearly understands that American carriers are highly vulnerable to these new super advanced Russian Federation anti-ship missiles and its protective dome of complete electronic blocking of any one else’s radar, satellite observation, electronics and much more. Some insiders claim this is the same system Dr. Keshe invented for Iran. Here is a diagram of the Russian Federations electronic warfare dome of protection.


Some top weapons experts believe that this new Russian ultra high-tech weaponry can temporarily deactivate the electrical supply systems and electronics of US ships, including their radar and sonar systems as well as their Aegis missile defense systems. There are even reports that the new Russian Federation anti-ship missiles can put most carriers and ships to the bottom within 4-5 minutes after impact. So far it appears that the US ships are completely defenseless against these new Russian Federation advanced weapons systems.

Kaiser_249This aggressive Russian Federation defense of Syria from ISIS actually immediately placed the Israeli-American Terror machine in checkmatefor the first time in history. But it also exposed those who created ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and the like in the first place and have been supplying them and paying them.

It is now clear to the whole world that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra and the like are little more than paid mercenaries of the Israeli-American Terror Machine, and are synthetically-created, engineered and deployed Gladio-style terror, all done to further the NWO Globalist Agenda of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (*RKM).


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2 comments to Putin’s Wild Card in Syria

  • KRELL427

    People should read the Jesuit Extreme Oath of induction to understand how every race,religion and organization on our planet has been infiltrated by this mafia. Their treasonist acts have been carried out at the expense and percicution of others. To blame one race like the Jews that I have been reading too much of in the comments is quite naive. Once you have broken out of the matrix there are no limits. Putin is fighting a huge war for the good of humanity. Unfortunately our house of cards fiat ponzi scheme way of life will come to a crashing end hopefully leading to a brighter future.

  • Deforest

    Very interesting article. You lost me in the end but how could I rationalize the filming of the grey alien? I want to believe it. I would tend to believe that what rendered the USS ship inoperative was man made, after all Tesla tamed electricity, why wouldn’t we create such a device?
    While Russia is eradicating the US Muslim operatives/mercenaries, America is forcing its soldiers on Syrian ground and given that Russia seems invincible, why is America still persisting in its dream of conquering the Middle East?
    If the deep dark secret US society does exist how is it that it is not challenging the dracos?
    So far, I see that the US is threatening Russia, China and Syria, that more and more countries are adopting the cashless banksters’ paradigm… What must I conclude?

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