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Pope Warns Against Conspiracy Theories On Vatican Skullduggery

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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4 comments to Pope Warns Against Conspiracy Theories On Vatican Skullduggery

  • tomche

    The “Pope”. What a charlatan. What a sad joke. What disgrace.

    What’s the matter there, Popester? Afraid of something? Don’t much like the light of truth now, do you? Yea, your buddy George Bush already tried that lame statement after 9/11. What’s the problem? No new tricks? Awww…

    The Vatican is at the apex, the cap stone of crime’s against humanity…all undercover using GOD as cover.

    Bu the people are waking up, and we can sense your alarm and uneasiness. You time will come, Popester…and those like you.

    A rope around a tree is in your future…

    • KRELL427

      The rope is too kind for this guy. I suggest a crimes against humaity zoo. Each inhabitant could have there own oasis, equipped with a personal cell phone tower, smart meter , fresh fluorinated water, daily free vaccinations including chemotherapy,a chemtrial air purifacation system, and finally a large screen tv where they can veiw a personal movie of their proudest accomplishments run non stop 24hrs a day for their viewing pleasure. Also Monsanto prividing them with the finest cuisine’s the world has too offer. This list is endless. I hope he feels our decalcified pineal gland resonance coming his way.

  • Hey Vatican Regent! Hey Roman Pontiff! Hey Holy Father! Ever hear that old hit song about King Henry VIII? Tough, huh?

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