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Physical Shortage Could Send Silver Prices Skyrocketing

by Peter Prazic, MA Profit

Here’s Why I’m Ramping Up My Silver Price Forecast

It would be hard to deny that silver prices have experienced a profound downturn in the last four years. After having peaked at more than $50.00 an ounce in early 2011, silver prices took a nose-dive, plunging by more than two-thirds in value and sitting uncomfortably at $16.50 per ounce now.

All smart investors recognize the intrinsic value of precious metals, but before diving into that, we should establish some basic facts about the matter.

To begin with, what we really need to do is answer a very fundamental question: what exactly are we discussing when we talk about the “silver price?”

It may surprise some people to realize that silver trades in several different forms, and in different venues. So-called paper silver is bought and sold on futures markets, such as the COMEX. Alternatively, you can simply opt to buy physical silver at your nearest bullion vendor. And there is also the option of buying exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on an electronic stock exchange.

If you ask me, however, the only real silver price is the one you’re paying when you choose to purchase physical silver.

Rush to Physical Silver Suggests System Is On the Verge of Collapse

On that note, I noticed a fairly peculiar trend when I compared the market trends of the various silver prices. Consider the following chart:

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