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“Panic” As Investors Lose Their Appetite: “Reliving Market Jitters of the Great Recession”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

There is further indication that we are swinging dangerously close to another financial collapse.

While markets were spooked in September about the possibility of a Fed rate hike, and the stock market took several dives, things have so far not gone headlong into crisis.

But there are plenty of indications that investors are wary of taking too much risk in the current financial climate. Increasingly, the only real returns are in high risk, high-yield markets.

But most investors are not thrill seeking at the moment, and are shying away from the dismal landscape and numerous scenarios for diasaster. King World News just reported that “frightened investors withdrew a staggering and near Record $63 billion out of mutual funds in the past 3 months.”

The World Bank warned that any decision to raise rates would risk “triggering panic and turmoil,” but with Janet Yellen’s recent mention of a possible rate hike this year, we see that even talking about the rate is driving panic. Yellen exuded a queasy feeling that negates any hunger for investment.

Panic and fright are bad news. The stuff instability is made of. Without ready and willing suckers, err investors, the market cannot stay afloat. There is a panic level index, recognizing the spoiled “appetite” of investors,  that has preceded all of the last few crises on the global stage… and here we go again… we have again reached the danger threshold for panic in global risk appetite.

Via Market Watch:

If it feels like you’re reliving the market jitters of the Great Recession and eurozone crisis, it’s probably because you are.

During this week, global risk appetite dropped to “panic” levels for the first time since January 2012, according to Credit Suisse’s Global Risk Appetite Index. That was back when investors feared a breakup of the euro bloc, grappled with unsustainably high sovereign borrowing costs and freaking out about the spillover from Greece.

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