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Only Gold & Silver Will Protect You From Fiat Debasement


Brien Lundin from Gold Newsletter joins me to discuss the Fed’s only remaining bullet, further debasement of the fiat currency. Of course for those who understand what “debasement” is code for, it means that ultimately we will see hyperinflation of the US dollar.

The only question is, when will it start? As Brien points out “Of course It depend on how you define hyperinflation… Since they removed silver from US coinage, the US dollar has lost about 90 percent of its purchasing power. So by some people’s definitions of hyperinflation we have already seen that.” Brien reminds us that the only way to protect yourself from the Federal Reserve’s currency debasement is with physical gold and silver.

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17 comments to Only Gold & Silver Will Protect You From Fiat Debasement

  • Eric

    Don’t have the gold. Better kick up the war front…

    Obama admits to TRAINING ISIL/ISIS!

  • Beligarant

    Anotha’ pump ya’ up article. Anyone buying gold or silver over the past 5+ years is deep into loss territory. Sure, it might correct one of these days when all the blind naked shorts go away but until then it appears that the metals are hard capped with downward pressure.
    Over the past 5 years they’ve had a couple rounds of QE or money debasement yet the metals have tanked by 40% to 70%. So much for the store of wealth discussion! Sure I realize it’s rigged but doesn’t matter because in the end you own what the riggers state the value of the metal is worth unless you can afford to buy and hold for the next 5, 10, 20 or 50 years.

    • Eric

      I haven’t lost a single ounce. I foresee a short squeeze up rather than more downward pressure at this point. It went up for 10 years. What else goes up for 10 years without a correction? Anyone who has studied history knows that these cycles can end suddenly and violently. In the end, the riggers won’t determine the PRICE. The value of the metal is more than it was 5 years ago since they continue to monetize debt in these worthless fiat currencies. October 20…IMF announcement. November 5… US government runs out of funding. Who buys gold as a trade? People ignorant of monetary history. That’s who.

      • Beligarant

        @Eric : I have no doubt you will eventually be correct however ALL of these guru’s said that scenario you paint was going to happen in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, etc. Now they’re saying late 2015, 2016.. Once again, it’s rigged I get it and will continue to be 100% rigged until the last shoe drops. It could be years and years before that last shoe drops. Anyone that can’t afford to hold for a multitude of reasons has lost big time and silver marks its promised move. Most cannot wait another 5 or 10 years. Many bought back in 2010 and 2011 and 50% or more underwater plus cannot hold until 2020 to break even.

    • Christine

      Gold and silver are not really supposed to be a get-rich-overnight kinda thing. It’s… insurance that, when all the paper-rich get poor overnight, pre-1965 dime and quarter owners will still be able to get flour and sugar for… two small coins. Lots oF small coins in a pound, 5 pounds, 10… 50… and redeemable for its silver content at anytime.

      Worth the investment. Still 90% silver. And not needed just yet but it’s coming…

  • Ed_B

    “Of course for those who understand what “debasement” is code for, it means that ultimately we will see hyperinflation of the US dollar.”

    Does it? Seems to me that in 1934 FDR debased the US$ by nearly 70% when he “revalued gold” from $20.67 per oz. to $35 per oz. Those who turned in their gold for paper just prior to that got financially screwed. Those who hid their gold and didn’t turn it in maintained their purchasing power. The key point here is that as severe as this dollar devaluation was, hyperinflation did not automatically follow. I agree that it could but do not agree that it necessarily will.

    That said, buying and holding gold and silver outside the banking system is an excellent way to protect our financial future from currency debauchery and other US Gov and Fed financial system manipulations that are hazardous to our wealth and buying power. Anyone who seeks to a secure financial future should strongly consider doing so via hard (aka gold and silver) money and not the soft fiat money that has lost over 97% of its value in the past 100 years.

  • Jolly Roger

    They are coming for the guns, TPP in place, borders down, job automation in high gear – it’s here.

    You need to go to the States and seceed from the Union – no other exit possible apart from radical actions they have predicted.

  • Troy

    For me personally, I sold most of my silver in 2011 and 2012 and bought a place in the country. I sold my silver from $29-$42 per ounce, and now with my place paid off, I’m buying silver again. Being we owe zero money, we buy silver and pre-2001 vehicles. I have more guns, ammo, and food than I know what to do with. So, I guess I will just keep buying silver, I have no clue what else to buy.

    • Ed_B

      Excellent plan, Troy. Very well done, indeed. Congrats!

    • WillyT

      Lucky you, wondering if we will ever see those prices again. By all accounts according to the Alt media sources and the talk of silver shortages, one would think that prices would have gone up somewhat by now. Not so however. Good thing you were able to unload and buy back cheaper. Unfortunately many bought silver when it was in the 30’s or higher and still waiting for it to get back to those levels. They have had a firm grip on the price for the last 4 years and certainly not letting it go up.

  • Gnostic

    After several years into my awakening, I have come to the conclusion that I know very little of the world I live on. My entire perception of reality may in fact be skewed by my physical 5 senses. Perhaps the price of silver or gold is a small potatoes issue in the grand scheme of things???

    • Howard Roark

      Good point, Gnostic, I’ve thought similar now for a while.

      • Hal

        It very well may be small potatoes, however we have every reason to believe that ‘money’ will continue to allow for a sense of (purchasing) power with which to have influenced. Im not convinced that all people are corrupted by money or power, so if we can get the bulk of assets and resource control in the hands if honest folks, we could be much better off…truly honest/free money/trade would be a nice start.

  • Hugo

    Hi Sean,

    Nice interview, thanks. One thought on the SDR issue from me. We know China plans long term. The SDR has a 5% gold component in it. As is rightly stated in this interview fiat keeps inflating so the gold component of the SDR will keep rising over time untill it is basically gold. Is that the plan B miss Lagarde keeps hinting at? Iam quite sure the Chinese do NOT want to become the next reserve currency because of the Triffin dilemma. That is what killed all great nations who once held it before the USA. To me it seems they want a slow rebalancing of the global economies.

    On a non related note, a very funny, 45 seconds satire clip about the intervention by Russia from a the point of view of a terrorist there. . Mr. McCain even gets his credits!

    Regards, Hugo

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