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Obama Is About To Destroy One Of The Biggest Goals Of His Presidency With This Announcement

from Western Journalism:

As candidate for president in 2008, President Obama vowed, “I will end this war in Iraq responsibly and finish the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.” Now, almost seven years later we know he will leave office with troops in both nations.

President Obama was set to announce Thursday that the United States will keep 5,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017.

Obama’s plan calls for maintaining the current force of 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through most of 2016. The pace of the withdrawals is to be determined by the military.

“This is this administration pushing this off to the next administration because the next time they have to make this decision, it will be a different president in the White House,” said retired Lt. Col. Rick Francona, a CNN military analyst. He labeled the decision “kicking this can down the road.”

In March, Obama had called for a level of 5,500 troops by the end of this year and an “embassy-only” presence by the end of 2016.

In reporting about the announcement, Fox News cited two reasons for the continued American presence in Afghanistan.

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1 comment to Obama Is About To Destroy One Of The Biggest Goals Of His Presidency With This Announcement

  • Christine

    Once again, ridiculous. Obama has been in the cross-fire of the different factions holding and controlling the US since day one. He came to the presidency as an ideologist with his own dreams and he’s been told ever since (probably in no uncertain terms) what to do and not do.

    People have short memories. Carter wanted Disclosure more than anything else. Upon being elected, he was “briefed” (threatened?) and was subsequently seen slumped on his desk and crying. Disclosure never happened. He never even talked about it ever again. Carter had a kid with him in the W.H…

    Before him, JFK was going after the banks and wanted Disclosure and we know what happened to him. He had 2 kids in the W.H. with him.

    After Carter, Reagan (who combined a little of both aspirations) was… shot! (No kid’s life to threaten him with. He had the guts to talk. A John Wayne kind of guy. He had to be taught or stopped. Shooting him was the answer).

    What makes anyone believe that Obama has had any say about Afghanistan or Guantanamo or anything else? And why do people expect their president to fix everything when they, themselves, won’t do anything to truly investigate but will clamor to no end for hand-outs?

    There is no “Obama” legacy. There could never be. There is no “Bill Clinton” legacy (Chelsea was young and living in the W.H. He did what he was told to do).

    There is, however… a Hillary Clinton danger and it is real: she is demented “We came, we saw, he died, HaHaHa!” and she tasted money, power and secrecy. Loves all of it! How do we know? She’s still in politics and making enormous amounts of money for her and her husband’s “causes”. And… a certain $39 million in legal fees over a blue dress just… disappeared? Just like that? Without them being hounded down like people who owe $3,214 to banks are?

    Obama is a nobody. Stop harping on him. It blurs the true picture of politics in America. And remember that within hours of his election, CLINTON MET HIM AT HIS HOME IN CHICAGO (She desperately wanted something!) And he named her Secretary of State within days too. So… his promises may very well have been extremely sincere. H. Clinton owned him. How? Still under investigation.

    Why the witch hunt against her? Now? Factions are turning against each others. Obama is not involved. Non entity caught in the cross-fire of a dying country. Rome went through that for 300 years. We don’t have that time or luxury. Get off that “Obama” thing. It’s not where the danger really lies.

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