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NYC to let the UN run its police force

from Natural News:

American tradition, values and mores continue to erode thanks to constant pressure by the political left to destroy a culture they see as illegitimate and dangerous to the globe — despite our nation’s appeal to millions around the world and the opportunities we create for ourselves and for others.

Now, the liberals who run New York City are even prepared to cede at least some policing power to “a new global, terror-busting network to try to combat homegrown extremism,” according to a September 29 press statement, The New American reports.

In an announcement made at the United Nations, avowed socialist Mayor Bill DeBlasio declared New York City’s intent to join the UN and the United States Department of Justice in their bid to combat “all forms of violent extremism, whether it’s based in religious, or racial, or nationalistic or ideological intolerance.”

With this, de Blasio has effectively ruled that American patriotism is an “intolerance” he won’t tolerate. Save for 9/11, however, when was the last time we’ve seen a major act of “extremism” in New York City (that hasn’t come from the mayor himself), anyway?

As The New American further reported, the Obama Justice Department is claiming that this new law enforcement partnership program — dubbed “Strong Cities” — is really aimed at inspiring “action on a global scale.

Guns, ammunition and right-wing extremists

“The Strong Cities Network will serve as a vital tool to strengthen capacity-building and improve collaboration,” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “As we continue to counter a range of domestic and global terror threats, this innovative platform will enable cities to learn from one another, to develop best practices and to build social cohesion and community resilience here at home and around the world.”

Under this initiative, cities around the world would be happily “integrating” their efforts to “safeguard” citizens.

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1 comment to NYC to let the UN run its police force

  • Trespass Unwanted

    What is an extremist?
    A cop who kills an unarmed 12 yr old cause he has a toy gun?
    A man who bombs an abortion clinic cause he doesn’t believe in the right to (?)
    A teen who hates a particular racial group and kills people during a church session?
    A business that targets people based on income and sells them a product they cannot afford so they can rob them of it later?
    A judicial system that is guilty until proven innocent, where the conviction rate is 99% or higher and predominately convicts people of a particular race?
    How about people who are intolerant of people who don’t speak english, very well, but well enough to have passed the immigration standards to be considered American citizens?

    Who is an extremist?
    People who want to force other people to be vaccinated because they have a weak immune system and rely on vaccinations? Will they want all of us to take drugs because they believe if we do, we won’t catch a cold or flu or some skin condition they may get?
    People who want everyone to be educated to a certain level? Is that an extremist?

    Notice all the extreme statements are people who are dealing with things outside of their selves, and inside of someone else’s territory, or personal space, or right to (?)

    [I ponder if] Extremists can be the people who instead of living their own life, however happy, or sad, or dysfunctional it is, they seek to change someone else’s life to suit their ideas.
    [I ponder if] Extremists can be the people saying kids cannot play with toy guns, or people cannot got to abortion clinics, not even for STD care or contraception; or saying if people weren’t doing anything wrong, a cop would not have killed them; even going so far as to say the one killed should obey other people who wear costumes and say they have authority over us cause they get a paycheck from a corporation that appears to have a legal name but is not a legal enforcement business, people who say other people should have been born a certain color, or race or speak a certain way if they are going to have a right to live.
    Things people won’t talk about, and things people who do talk about get attacked by extremist people who think their ideas are the only ones that’s right.
    So here’s my disclaimer. I don’t know what an extremist is, all I did was ask questions, and ponder whether certain characteristics are extreme. I am no authority, no one cares what I wrote except me. If you think I was talking about you, [what an ego], I’m not talking about you. If you think I described someone you know; I don’t know them, so I didn’t describe them. Be life.

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