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No Stopping This Cannabis Train Now

from The Daily Bell:

Introduction: John Knapp is the founder of Colorado-based Good Meds Network, a medicinal-grade cannabis business, of cannabis consulting firm GMC & Associates, and of Gro|Quip, a gardening equipment distributor. John was previously senior marijuana design engineer for a top cannabis consulting firm for three years. John is the Chief Operating Officer for PharmaCielo Ltd. He is a trained industrial engineer, entrepreneur and expert in the field of cannabis business, supplychain management and logistics. A pioneer in the legal cannabis industry, he has consulted on over a dozen cannabis projects in seven states, Canada and South America. 

Anthony Wile: Hi, John. How’s the world of legal cannabis – still seem slightly like a dream-state?

John Knapp: The momentum is continuing to build and we are well past the point of no return. Colorado just had its first $100 million month, California is finally going to regulate their industry, Canada is on its way to full federal legalization and the US presidential candidates are taking their positions on full legalization. There’s no stopping this train now!

Anthony Wile: How is business with your company, Good Meds? You produce and provide medicinal cannabis products only, correct?

John Knapp: Good Meds currently produces medicinal cannabis only, yes. However, we are exploring the possibility of expanding a small piece of our production into the adult-use wholesale market. Our roots really lie in the medicinal space so we will continue to operate medicinal-only storefronts since there is still such a need for high quality medicinal-grade, low-taxed cannabis products.

Good Meds is doing great right now with the exception of one problem that we can’t seem to shake, and that is, we can never produce enough cannabis. We have doubled our production every year for the past six years and more than doubled it this year thanks to new lighting and feeding technology we have employed. Even with all that expansion and enhanced efficiency it is still a struggle to keep up with the booming demand. I guess you could say it’s one of those good problems and a great indication that this wave is nowhere near cresting.

Anthony Wile: Since we last spoke you’ve also founded a new cannabis consulting firm, GMC & Associates. Tell us about that. What kind of work are you doing?

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