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Multiple Protests Planned For Obama’s Roseburg Oregon Visit Today!

from The Victory Report:

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1 comment to Multiple Protests Planned For Obama’s Roseburg Oregon Visit Today!

  • mangrove

    This was a hoax and the families are crisis actors. That means that these same families who are snubbing Obama are ACTING, or following a SCRIPT. After all, they were likely PAID to play their part in this psy-op.

    So, what’s the agenda here? Is this some kind of set-up? Probably just more of the same old divide and conquer strategy — gun owners vs. non-gun owners. OR, could it be that something’s going to happen during Obama’s visit to Roseburg, and they’re prepping us with a back story to justify what happens?

    I find it very strange that a small town in the country in Oregon would be the same place were Robert Kennedy gave a SPEECH ON GUN CONTROL less than 2 weeks before he was allegedly shot and killed. That was 47 years ago, for you numerologists.

    In 1968, when Kennedy gave his speech there, the population was about 14,000. Why go to such a place — three hours south of Portland? And why, 47 years later, did the script-writers choose Roseburg for a major shooting hoax?

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