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Minnesota Man Arrested, Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Having a Wind Turbine On His Property

by John Vibes, Activist Post:

For more than a year, we have been following the story of a Minnesota man, Jay Nygard, who is routinely risking jail time because he refuses to remove a wind turbine from his property. Nygard has been in and out of court over the years, and despite a short-lived victory in October, he was recently back in front of a judge facing a contempt of court charge for refusing a court order to remove the turbines from his property.

He did eventually remove the turbines, leaving only the cement bases because removing them would cause structural damage to their house. This was not good enough for the local government, who ignored the advice of three different engineers and demanded that they remove the bases, despite the risk of damaging the home.

On Friday, Nygard was arrested and is now facing six months in prison for refusing to remove the base.

According to Kahler Nygard, Jay’s son, his father even attempted to make peace with the county and compromise on a number of different issues, but they ignored his appeals.

“The choices for my dad were to potentially destroy our foundation in the house or go to jail, he even offered an olive branch saying he would add an easement to the deed saying when the house is demolished the pad must be removed, but that was ignored also,” Kahler said in an exclusive interview with The Free Thought Project.

“The base was level with the ground and 4 feet cubed. We removed the top half of the concrete and used a metal cutting tool to remove the top half of the bolt assembly, rendering the structure unusable,” Kahler explained.

“They say that we have to remove to footing 100% and have it inspected by the city, which we have three different engineers all saying we should just leave it, one of them even does contract work for the city,” he added.

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1 comment to Minnesota Man Arrested, Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Having a Wind Turbine On His Property

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Sorry to read about such city-terrorism. When you don’t jump through all their zoning and code hoops before you begin, and get all the permits, etc, then you’re asking for big trouble.

    When you have neighbors near your home, or city “leaders” etc, who have a big stick up their butts, it’s a losing game.

    That’s why I moved to a rural area. I also looked into the data about installing a wind generator, and the site prep is outrageously expensive. So I just opted to do everything with a solar panel system, and will spend extra money on more panels (and batteries) to make it work without any grid help.

    I’m getting too old to be climbing up a 130ft wind tower to inspect & service it. Not everybody has the space for a winch-tilt up tower, but that had been MY plan in the beginning. Not anymore.
    I really don’t like “heights”, but working on my roof is easy.

    The Detroit house had about a 40 degree pitch, it was SCARY & dangerous to get up there, so I chose my Florida place, ranch style. LOVE it. I used to have a place with a VERY high and very steep roof. They may look pretty, but they are triple expensive to hire anybody to work on it.

    I see the advantages of a single story, ranch roof without any steep angles.

    Once you’ve got a local code inspector (& judge, etc) against you, perhaps it’s time to “ask God” to make some “Jewish Lightning” strike & burn your house down, collect the money and move away.

    Code enforcement inspectors become like GODS in their jurisdictions and just get more and more angry and abusive, it’s very hard to get them to change or to beat them at their own codes.

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