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MATT DRUDGE UNLEASHED: Rare Interview: “I’m A Free Thinker. I’m An American. I’m Very Concerned…”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The internet’s leading headline journalist Matt Drudge joinsInfowars Alex Jones for a rare interview.

The show was being recorded live when Drudge happened to walk into the studio thinking Jones was on a short break.

Jones, who it appears has never met Drudge and whose reports are often featured at, was in disbelief as Drudge is notorious for staying out of the media though his web site sees over 500 million monthly visitors.

Other than posting stories on his web site and an ominous tweet every so often, the media mogul has very little interaction with mainstream news or the public.

Drudge initially avoided the limelight opting to stay off-set, noting that he hasn’t had a picture taken in over eight years. But he eventually joined the show in a rare media appearance to discuss everything from the death of the internet as we know it to why he doesn’t need to be liked.

Clip: “I Don’t Need To Be Liked”

I have a clear perception what the internet is. In my mind, I’m free. I’m not defined by what they say the internet is… meaning Goldman Sachs, meaning who they invest in for the latest startup… meaning the latest Buzzfeed… or Salon…

There’s a lot of corporate makeover of the internet that I have not adapted to, simply put.

I am not a part of that system.

I’m a free thinker. I’m an American. I’m very concerned with what’s happening.

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4 comments to MATT DRUDGE UNLEASHED: Rare Interview: “I’m A Free Thinker. I’m An American. I’m Very Concerned…”

  • knowtoomuch

    These two controlled opposition pricks will tell you about everything EXCEPT on the role (worldwide) of the jew bankers and their Jew World Order.

  • windrunner56

    I awoke watching Alex Jones, I expanded my knowledge viewing sites like ATS, Zero Hedge, What Really Happened, and others. I always check the Drudge Report in the morning to see what is transpiring. My #1 watch now is SGT Report, bar none.

    But what really concerns me is this: Jones is in deep with his “alleged” divorce, why would Drudge just happen to drop in? They have never met, although Jones talks of him as an idol. Something is amok in Texas. Does not sniff well.

    Neither of them will talk much of the jewish cabal for sure. Watch closely now…..Me gut tells me sumpin’s up!!

  • Timco

    Hillary’s lovers? The thought alone is making me ill.

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