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Make Shutting Down Wall Street an Integral Part of Everything We Do!

from LaRouchePAC:

Lavrov and Kerry, who held their fourth meeting Thursday on the sidelines of the UN, must keep up the momentum through continuous contact, Lyndon LaRouche said today. There is a process now underway, and it must be abetted through their continuous dialogue and work. Opinion-makers must maintain continuing focus on US-Russian cooperation, while Obama must be kept out of the picture as much as possible. Keep the Russia-US cooperation going, and block Obama from taking indirect actions against it. Obama is still doing his dirty work, even if he is now forced to do it from behind the scenes; look carefully at what Obama is doing indirectly. He’s hidden himself from view, but he’s continuing to operate as if under a cloak. Obama is struck down, but he is not yet finished. Don’t take the pressure off Obama for one moment. Increase the pressure on Obama.

While the focus on US-Russian cooperation is important, there must be urgent attention to the vulnerability gap on the economy. Ever since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, there has been a prohibition against any increase in US productivity. This is still a deadly threat. The lid was put on especially after Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981, 69 days into his Presidency. Thereafter, George H.W. Bush as Vice President, and then President, accelerated the slide. But there was already deep corruption in the early 1970s, as reflected in the reaction to Lyn’s defeat of Abba Lerner in the famous December 1971 Queens College debate. Afterwards, Sidney Hook delivered the threat against LaRouche. He not only said that “You won, but we’ll never let you have a public hearing again.” He said that they would strike back, and they did. LaRouche was never forgiven for what he’d done. Everyone must understand the implications of this from 1971 to the present.

We must launch a general campaign right away, with the highest priority, making the shutting down of Wall Street an integral part of everything we do. Obama has been struck down,— don’t take the pressure off him. We have to close down Wall Street, or we’ll have a disaster for the US and other nations. An aggressive approach must be taken. Wall Street is dead, and it must be buried, because the stench is overpowering.

FDR had an eye for the problem, but the situation today is far, far beyond anything he faced in the 1930s. Wall Street must be shut down to launch an effective US physical-economic recovery.

SUPPORTING MATERIAL Rep. Gabbard: U.S. Must Work with Russia in Syria

In a Sept. 30 interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a veteran of the Afghanistan war, firmly stated that it were best for “cool heads” to prevail, in looking at the Russian intervention in Syria. The United States, she said, should work with Russia, and keep its “strategic goal” clearly in mind. The enemy is ISIL, Jabat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda. The U.S. shouldn’t get distracted by talking about “regime change or nation-building.” Overthrowing President Bashar al-Assad would not only be a mistake, she said, but would harm U.S. national security interests.

When Blitzer attempted to refute Gabbard by repeating the laundry list of Assad’s alleged crimes, and “slaughter of his own people,” Gabbard retorted that much of what is said about al-Assad today, was also said about Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi, who were overthrown by the U.S. Look at the state of those nations today, she told Blitzer, who could only mumble, “you’ve got a point.” The U.S. has to learn the lessons of the past, Gabbard underscored, and not go blindly rushing in to effect regime change, without asking “what comes next?”

In the second part of the interview, Gabbard pointed to the U.S.’s alliance with Soviet leader Stalin during the Second World War, to achieve their common objective, the defeat of Hitler and Nazism. The U.S. had to put aside objections it had to Stalin’s domestic policy, to ensure success in defeating fascism, she added. Otherwise, “we’d be living in a very different world today.” She reiterated that the U.S. must learn from history, not only from the World War II example, but also from more recent history “when we got into the regime-change and nation-building business,” which only produced chaos in its wake.

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4 comments to Make Shutting Down Wall Street an Integral Part of Everything We Do!

  • anon

    Wall Street is going to shut itself down, all on its own, and everyone who is not an “insider” with inside information, most likely isn’t going to benefit in any way from it. Only BILLIONAIRES and TRILLIONAIRES (like George Soros, and David Rockefeller, and the Rothschilds) will benefit from the next pre-orchestrated crash.

    The Western International Central Bankers will induce the next crash, at their leisure, in order to create the problem, await the public reaction, and then offer up their pre-planned “solution”, which will merely further consolidate their power and control.

    • Christine

      You’re reading from the Book-of-fear-and-hopelessness. Burn that book right this minute!!!

      • anon

        OMG. I am reading from MANY BOOKS OF HISTORY!

        1) How, exactly, are WE, THE PEOPLE, supposed to make shutting down Wall St. an “integral part of everything we do”? Think about that. I suppose we could BOYCOTT the Corporate Members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).

        2) Wouldn’t it be better, if we elected a third party candidate, who ran on a platform of printing and coining the U.S. currency through the U.S. Treasury, TOTALLY BYPASSING the commercial, privately-owned (& over 50% FOREIGN-OWNED) BANKS, which comprise the so-called “Federal” “Reserve”?

        3) It was the ‘City’ of London that caused the 1929 Stock Market Crash in the U.S. It was ‘City’ of London BANKERS, that did it. There were “insiders” on Wall St. that got OUT OF THE MARKET, ahead of time, and saved themselves from losing all their fiat funny “money”. Joe Kennedy Sr. was one of those “insiders”. Right now, BILLIONAIRES and TRILLIONAIRES are sitting on A LOT of cash. Once the market crashes, they’ll be able to pick up A LOT of stock, for pennies on the dollar. Nathan Mayer Rothschild did the same thing in 1815, on the London Stock Exchange. He sold prior to the crash, which he himself caused – and then, picked up as much stock as he could, for “pennies on the dollar”.

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