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‘Isolated’ From 99%, Rich Seek Wealth Therapy: “Not Comparing to What People of Color Go Through, But…”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Don’t envy the rich.

Apparently, the ultra-wealthy feel corned, isolated and the need hide from the rest of us. Perhaps that is why many of them are investing in luxury hideouts and even elaborate superyachts with submarine escape pods – just in case.

The Occupy movement may have faded into obscurity, but the elite power brokers who manage the planet have apparently not forgotten the anger against those in charge that it represented.

With millions struggling to find a decent job, facing foreclosure and up to their necks in debt, there are plenty of reasons that ordinary Americans feel resentment towards the few who are (perhaps deliberately) multiplying their wealth off the suffering of the many.

Hence, an emerging niche for “wealth therapy” – where psychologists and life coaches listen to the concerns of those who feel the need to hide their wealth in public and can only trust those they think don’t want their money:

The London Guardian reports:

What issues are America’s 1% struggling with? There is guilt over being rich in the first place, he said. There is the feeling that they have to hide the fact that they are rich. And then there is the isolation – being in the 1%, it turns out, can be lonely.


“Wealth can be a barrier to connecting with other people,” confessed a spouse of a tech entrepreneur who made about $80m.

“We talk about it as stealth wealth. There are a lot of people that are hiding their wealth because they are concerned about negative judgment,” said Traeger-Muney.

“We are trained to have empathy, no judgment and so many of the uber wealthy – the 1% of the 1% – they feel that their problems are really not problems. But they are. A lot of therapists do not give enough weight to their issues.”

It sounds ridiculous, yet it is apparently a common concern among those in the upper crust.

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1 comment to ‘Isolated’ From 99%, Rich Seek Wealth Therapy: “Not Comparing to What People of Color Go Through, But…”

  • randy0302

    The pursuit of extreme wealth, power, and control are the goals of Spiritually retarded, socially ignorant, intellectual subverted, and genetically inbred ilk.
    Where were the adults in the room when their plans were birthed?

    Soon the financial elites will be correctly identified as “Terrorists”. We now know it is humanity against the Banksters.

    At the end of the day everyone seeks approval. Wealth and fame has brought approval. Soon it will bring shame, isolation, and hatred.

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