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HYPERINFLATING HOUSING: Trapped in Silicon Valley’s Bubble

Million Dollar Shack: Trapped in Silicon Valley’s Housing Bubble

from Michelle Joyce:

Our family has been priced out! Has the Bay Area gone crazy? Real estate prices have doubled in the last few years, a tent in the backyard can rent for $900/month, foreign investors are driving up prices, evictions and rent hikes are everywhere, people are commuting longer than ever, the middle class is disappearing, empty investment homes are everywhere, and locals are leaving in record numbers. The worst part? Some people are calling it “progress”.

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4 comments to HYPERINFLATING HOUSING: Trapped in Silicon Valley’s Bubble

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Idiot real estate agent thinks it’s going to keep rising forever. But NO tree grows to the sky. Never. Not ever.

    What goes up, MUST come down. So, in China, NOBODY can “own” a home, but only buy into a “Lease” that is good for 70 years.

    But in America, you can NEVER own a home either (unless you are a CHURCH w/tax EXEMPT status).

    You pay a “Leasing fee” (called a Purchase price), and then after it’s “Paid Off”, you must pay ever increasing PROPERTY TAXES FOREVER. Miss paying those taxes and “your” home gets confiscated from you.

    Anyway, I’m gonna be glad when those real estate agents are crying the blues when the next crash kills the house prices around the world.

    I kinda like the idea of buying a CHURCH, or getting a home (with some acres) and doing all the right paperwork and making it a tax-exempt CHURCH.

  • Motorbike Mike

    The real estate agent, Ken, who drives a Rolls Royce is a moron. He says and thinks that this insanity will last forever. This is about as dumb as it gets.

    I have thought for a long time now that the primary reason that TPTB have created this massive housing bubble is that it creates a MASSIVE TRANSFER OF WEALTH from we the people to the CRIMINAL BANKSTERS. But make no mistake (Ken), the higher they rise, the harder they fall. The coming housing crash will be a humdinger!

  • pablo

    I only could stand watching it for 2 minutes…Disgustingly snobbish people in California with their barrista’s and motor coaches for realestate “adventures” ugh..

    Why would anyone that had any other option and to chose to live there is beyond me. I guess China is so bad anything looks better??

    I also loved that “look Mommy, the (spying) GOOGLE car” how creepy was that? I guess none of the super liberal global warming carbon NAZI’s there have any problem with those running non-stop?!?

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