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‘Huge Propaganda War’ Going On To Discredit Russian Anti-Terrorist Efforts In Syria

by The Saker, The News Doctors:

The West has engaged in propaganda warfare trying to discredit Russia’s honest and openly declared intentions to help save the world from the terrorist threat, both from Islamic State and other jihadi groups, Max Abrahms from the Northeastern University told RT.

RT:We’ve heard initially there that the Pentagon was accusing Russia of targeting rebel positions instead of ISIS, although the Pentagon did not provide any specific evidence to back up these claims. What is your take on what was said today by the Pentagon?

Max Abrahms: There is absolutely a propaganda war that is going on. Those who oppose the Russian involvement in Syria have been arguing that the Russians are not sincere [about] why they are there. Specifically the Russians will be useless against the Islamic State and that they are really only there to prop-up the Assad regime who is being attacked, not so much by the Islamic State, but by the more moderate rebel forces, the kind that the US is trying to build up.

And Russia, by contrast, is saying the exact opposite. The emphasis is that how the strikes demonstrated real precision, that they have been surgical and that they have been directed against Islamic State infrastructure. And so yes, there is this huge propaganda war going on to try to discredit Russia, or to try to show that it really is an important bulwark against the Islamic State.

RT:And it is certainly not just these words coming from the Pentagon, certainly what he said was picked up by the Western media. What is your interpretation on what was said today in the press that you read and the TV channels that you have watched?

MA: The American public, I think, is shifting really noticeably against Russian involvement, I think. I think there are growing concerns about the Assad government. I’ve seen a lot of negative reporting. Today was of course the first day that Russia directly participated in military attacks. So Russian is being discredited and branded by saying it cannot be a partner in a war against the Islamic State, but is rather there to extend its geopolitical reach and to prop-up its friend, the Assad regime, and to simultaneously weaken the moderate rebel alternative while basically poking the eye of the US and embarrassing the Obama administration which is increasingly being seen as spineless.

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