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How Russia Just Won and Took Over The Middle East

from WeAreChange :

Luke Rudkowski breaks down important breaking news about Iraq and Jordan former U.S allies joining Russia in the fight against ISIS.

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6 comments to How Russia Just Won and Took Over The Middle East

  • Christine

    Russia didn’t take over anything. (Nope. Crimea was not ANNEXED. It asked Russia to take it back by 93% of the popular vote!)

    Russia didn’t bomb anyone into submission, didn’t force countries into anything they don’t want, didn’t “We Came, we saw, he died, HaHaHa anywhere) and didn’t wage wars for the last 14 years. Russia simply opened its doors to whoever had a problem with the US policies and offered solutions to get out of Washington/Neocons/Israel/Netanyahu insanity.

    Russia’s way appears to be working. Oh, and the amazing thing… Russia, invited by Syria (and now Iraq AND Afghanistan. Now, that’s a real beauty right there, isn’t it?) to help out cleaning up Washington’s mess, is using mighty military might and… hasn’t taxed its own people to death to accomplish it! Nor has Russia caused 8 million foreclosures of its own people to profit banks… heavily invested in the military industrial complex.

    Russia appears to learn from history. Washington? The joke of the entire world, what with internet and all…

  • oneno

    Russia knows what will happen if it does not act. Just read the Billy Meier Contact Reports and his letters from 1958.

    Still more to come… You will just have to read what…

    The inhabitants of the Earth must come to grips about over-population. There is no GOD coming to rescue us.

    A few light years from the Earth was an Earth-sized planet (Akart) with population in 1975 of 23 billion men (male / female). In 2007, 32 years later, their population had reached 34 billion. The oxygen content in the atmosphere collapsed wiping-out all life on the planet. Only 116 million were resettled on other planets.

    The mindset of the majority on the Earth is no different than it was on Akart. This mindset must change.

    As mentioned numerous times, the Governments of the Earth in concert with the UN have been engaged in covert de-population since 1945 introducing Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals to undermine and destroy fertility and immune response in man (m/f).

    Kevin Galalae has written several books on the subject that are freely downloadable PDFs.

    • Christine

      Well… I read everything Billy Meier, watched everything Billy Meier (including those alleged saucers flying over him and landing on the side of the mountain next to the tree), I heard what his wife and son had to say about living with him and…

      Really not my criteria to decide what I need to believe in.

      Whether Billy Meier started out sound and sincere is not what I question: he may have seen things. Plenty of people do. What I seriously question is what his experience and beliefs made of him. Just like I don’t flat out discard religion, I sure as hell want to see what it’s making of people and how they behave with all that belief… One lead by example.

      Billy Meier is so controversial that I spent on him as much as I cared to at the time in order to make up my own mind. I see no reason to revisit my decision.

      • oneno

        The Billy Meier case for most is after all the effort just hearsay. But the Semjase Silver Star Center is a reality. How was it possible for a one armed man to earn that kind of money?

        A lot of researchers went to investigate and kept returning while the contacts were taking place from 1975 onwards

        Read ( and compare with what Meier and his contacts said about Religion.

        Kevin Galale has also concluded Religion to be a control to cap population growth and for enslavement. However, man was able to ‘create’ argument in support for unchecked population growth. Even with all those Burkas. Religion and demagogery are the wrong way.

        Spirituality and reason is the correct way. Jmmanuel was against organized religion. His message was covered-over by Christianity. Mohammed is supposed to be the direct re-incarnation of Jmmanuel. Even Islam was corrupted by worship! Less than 1% of Islam embraced reason and the spiritual path away from worship. This 1% has to hide so it is not trampled by conventional Islam. You will not see the women of this 1% of Islam EVER wear a burka.

        The Event timeline speaks volumes on how and why religion was introduced.

        What is occurring in Europe now is devastating. I can only hope, the Europeans take hold of the reigns and contain any attempt towards Islamization of Europe.

  • Cui Bono ?

    Hitler on Putin in Syria.
    Not quite 4 mins.

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