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from BPEarthWatch:

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  • Ed_B

    F*** him and his unconstitutional “orders”.

    An armed people is a free people.

    Give up your guns and they will be replaced by chains. History is crystal clear on this point.

  • Eric

    I hope he does it. He will be in direct violation of the Constitution. And should be impeached for high treason.

    I would expect mass non compliance.

    We are NOT giving up our guns!

    • Sam

      Eric, “We are NOT giving up our guns!”

      I thought I read you and “silvershield” the other day subscribe to the idea, in so many words, that resistance is futile, defeat is near, give up and hide, wait it out, no one can possibly win against the evil intentions of the powers that shouldn’t be, nobody wins…like that hollywierd clip you cited as a reference to a strategy you endorse?

      Am I wrong?

      In any case, as I responded to “silvershield” that, his idea of waiting it out sounded like a cop out to me.

      The point is, people do in fact have the power. Always have, The powers that shouldn’t be – those assuming polar opposite intentions of the US Constitution as clearly against of the Law of the Land, hate to admit and do not want to publicize at all.

      Futile talk is for pussies.

      “Solzhenitsyn laments that the citizens of St. Petersburg cowered behind their doors when the black vans pulled up at their apartment houses night after night to arrest their neighbors. If only the decent Russians had fought back, Solzhenitsyn says, if only they had ambushed some of these secret police thugs in the hallways of their apartments with knives and pickaxes and hammers, if only they had spiked the tires of the police vans while the thugs were in the apartments dragging out their victims, they could easily have overwhelmed Yagoda’s forces and forced an end to the mass arrests. But they didn’t fight back, and the arrests and liquidations continued. And so, Solzhenitsyn concludes, because of their cowardice and their selfishness the Russians deserved what the communists did to them.”

  • Obama is the best gun and ammo salesman in history!!!!! every time they stat talking gun control everyone go’s out and buys the shit out of ammo and guns then we have ammo shortages!o yeah (DHS) 1.6 million rounds helps with the shortage as well but you know what im getting at.

  • Rob


    We do not listen or care what this domestic terrorist has to say.

  • Rob

    Matter of fact he is an enemy of the State both foreign and domestic.Guilty of
    Treason,criminal against humanity at large.
    Supplie ,funds,arms,feeds,clothes ISIS,ISIL,AlCIAda,muslum brotherhoods leader is his brother and his relatives practice voodoo in the whitehouse.

    Due to the National security this individual should be tried and convicted.Since he is not,It proves the fact the term ‘National security’ is totally meaningless.Not unlike all other lies they tell a million times a day.

    To them banks and banksters are whats important not human lives but their own.

    Ya, the World knows and so do we.

    Lock and Load

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