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Friday’s Gold Smash Reeks Of Central Bank Corruption

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

It’s no secret that the banking cabal has been going to great lengths to prevent gold from breaking out above its 200 day moving average. Why? Because it is likely that if this were to occur, it would “flip” the hedge fund black box algorithms from selling rallies and shorting downside momentum to buying gold sell-offs and chasing upside momentum higher. In other words, it would make the task of keeping a lid on the price of gold much more difficult.

The effort to keep gold from legitimate price-discovery is understandable – from the elitist banking cabal perspective, at least: if the price of gold were allowed to trade freely, it would likely find a market-setting price at least 3-5 multiples above where it is right now.

If this occurred, it would completely undermine the Fed’s QE and ZIRP monetary policy. It would also cripple the Fed’s ability to keep the stock market juiced wreck the carefully crafted illusion that everything is fine in the U.S. economic and financial system.

Today’s gold smack was one of the more blatant displays of the unfettered corruption that has engulfed the paper gold market:


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2 comments to Friday’s Gold Smash Reeks Of Central Bank Corruption

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    But if anybody had an “algo or spoof” that drove the price of PM’s 3-8% higher, they’d be launching CRIMINAL investigations all over it.

    I’d love it, if somebody could hack the bad guy’s algos, to make a desired negative push, go the opposite direction and RAISE the price instead of smashing it.

    Then the investigation would show their OWN algos were doing the WRONG thing.. (how embarrassing it would be to explain their own algos got hi-jacked.)

    • Millicent

      Not to worry, we will be treated to 10 new articles (with Charts) telling us that PM’s are on the verge of a historic breakout to unprecedented levels.

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