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Forget About the Blood Moon, You Need to be Worried About Surviving

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Dave interviewed noted survivalist, Bob Griswold. Forget Blood Moons, worry about the 800 pound gorillas staring you in the face.  Bob discussed World War III, the failing economy and the rampaging hordes that could soon be in the streets. Excellent interview that should motivate you to get ready for what is already on the horizon
List to Dave and Bob Griswold on how to survive what is coming

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3 comments to Forget About the Blood Moon, You Need to be Worried About Surviving

  • Millicent

    How about: “Forget about DH”?

  • cory

    so, i listened to this whole thing, because i am a prepper and i am an atheist, all i heard was a couple of people complaining about how oppressed they are and how there is a war against them. i was really hoping this was going to be about prepping for disasters and how to keep yourself safe in time of trouble concerning natural disasters, govt, war etc but there was almost nothing here about prepping. believe in god was about all that was said.

    i do not hate christians or christianity, (it has to be a lot nicer now that it doesn’t have the ability to torture, kill and mame people into believing) i think it is one of the great things about this country that people can believe whatever they wish. but people need to wake up and realise that if people don’t stop with these silly divides and actually stand in a united front, none of us will have rights regardless of gay, christian, crossdresser, hindu, woman, man, etc.

    this is a bit bigger than religious beliefs, i don’t understand why the emphasis isn’t on bringing people together instead of creating divides.

    might as well be fox news or cnn or some other rubbish

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