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Fight Like Jason Bourne: 7 Key Points to Surviving a Serious Fight

from Ready Nutrition:

I think we can all agree that Jason Bourne is one of the greatest action characters of all time. Anyone who has taken a self-defense class channels Jason Bourne when practicing. So, how do you fight like Jason Bourne?

One of the reasons we love watching Bourne fight is the close combat defense sequences he does in the films. His lightning fast moves are efficient, powerful and (as we all know) deliver a well deserved ass whoopin’ to his opponent. To prepare for the part of Jason Bourne, actor, Matt Damon studied Krav Maga, an Israeli Defense System. This martial art form is extremely efficient and quickly neutralizes the opponent making it an ideal line of defense in a SHTF scenario.

Many believe that Krav Maga is the easiest martial art form to learn because it is based on instinctive natural reactions to events. Moreover, it utilizes a lot of lock and counter moves that are used at the same time. In other words, you aren’t waiting for the guy to throw the next punch, you are blocking and counter striking at the time same time as he is throwing a swing. This “all-in-one-move” fighting gives you a key advantage in a fight and will make your opponent second guess messing with you.

Learning these close combat defensive techniques take time to master, but will serve you well if you find yourself being attacked. Krav Maga classes are offered in many communities; as well, you can become a Krav Maga beast from the convenience of your own home with these videos and books. SHTF situations occur in different situations. It’s not just an end of the world scenario you should be prepared for, but those everyday emergencies too like when you are walking down the street or going to your parked car.

Effective preemptive striking can save your life when a violent confrontation is imminent. This is the premise of Krav Maga – be preemptive! Be the first of hit, the first to lead the fight, the first to choke. Because Krav Maga is based on instinctual movements, regularly practicing these movements will create muscle memory and you can react faster when attacks.

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