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Fed can’t/won’t pull the trigger on interest rates

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Having just published The Girl Who Cried Exit Strategy, this context makes the latest from the Federal Reserve (and their media parrots) particularly humorous/absurd. After all the talking-heads were telling us — for nearly a year — that the Fed was going to raise the U.S. interest rate in JUNE, for sure, here we are at the end of October. What are the talking heads telling us now?

Fed set to remain on pause as GDP data expected to show slowdown

Observe as years and years of one set of lies now directly conflict with years and years of other lies. The so-called U.S. Recovery is now supposedly nearly 7 years old. Indeed, it is officially no longer a “recovery”, because officially the U.S. economy has now grown past its level prior to the Crash of ’08. During this 7-year pseudo-recovery, the U.S. economy has supposedly produced more than 10 million “new jobs”.

Now the punch-line. After all of these Liars promised us a Fed rate-hike in June of this year, why is it (supposedly) “not possible” for the Fed to raise interest rates at the end of October? Not enough economic growth, and not enough new jobs. “Not enough” to raise U.S. interest rates, even slightly, from 0%.

:silly: :silly: :silly:

The U.S. economy has looked shaky of late, and an expected weak reading on third-quarter gross domestic product should confirm that. As a result, the Federal Reserve is again expected to keep interest rates near zero…

The Fed wants to see more labor market strength so it can be reasonably confident inflation is moving higher.

I’ve pointed out this insanity in the past. 0% interest rates (absolute maximum monetary stimulus) is a policy so extreme, and so reckless that it is the monetary equivalent of a defibrillator. What we are supposed to believe is that after the Federal Reserve has been “defibrillating” the U.S. consecutive for seven, solid years that the patient (i.e. the U.S. economy) isn’t “strong enough” to stop defibrillating.

What would happen (in real life) if you defibrillated a patient for SEVEN YEARS? Charred meat.


When the Fed (and the media parrots) tell us that they can’t raise U.S. interest rates, after all these years, this means exactly the same thing as saying that the U.S. economy is dead.

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Portrait of a Clown:

Fed set to remain on pause as GDP data expected to show slowdown

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1 comment to Fed can’t/won’t pull the trigger on interest rates

  • Ed_B

    “… the U.S. economy has supposedly produced more than 10 million “new jobs”.”

    “Supposedly” being the operative term, of course. With all the phony numbers being tossed around these days, who really knows what’s happening? We can see what’s happening in our own communities but not so much what’s happening elsewhere. I do know that there are very few numbers out there that are actually based on truth. Most are just lies that are being told for feel-good political purposes.

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