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Even MORE Fraud in the U.S. Treasuries Market

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Let me take a moment to remind any newer readers here of the “fundamentals” of any debt market. The more insolvent a nation is, the higher the rate of interest it must pay on its debt — in order to compensate lenders for their increased risk.

Then we have the Fraudulent States of America. The FSA (formerly USA) is obviously bankrupt, based on merely its “official” debt of well over $17 trillion. Then there is the additional $200 TRILLION in what the U.S. government calls “unfunded liabilities” the language of a Deadbeat.

Every day, the U.S. government (obviously) gets more bankrupt, but every day it pays lower and lower interest on its debts. How? Again (for the benefit of newer readers) there is only one way that this fraud market could be pumped up in such an extreme manner. The Federal Reserve is COUNTERFEITING U.S. dollars, and using that counterfeit fiat currency to buy-up all U.S. Treasuries.

This is the only possible way we can have such fraudulent rates of interest on U.S. debt. Yes, the criminals can use the derivatives market to manipulate interest rates. Indeed, I’ve explained how this is done in much more clear terms than any other commentator.

But merely manipulating interest cannot create BUYERS of this overpriced, fraudulent paper. No one in the universe would “buy” U.S. debt at such ridiculously inflated prices. With ZERO BUYERS for this fraud-paper, the only way that the U.S. government/Federal Reserve have been able to prevent implosion of this market (going all the way back to 2008) was to COUNTERFEIT money.

Maximum Fraud in U.S. Treasuries Market
U.S. Treasuries: Infinite Supply = Infinite Prices?
U.S. Treasuries: Infinite Supply = Infinite Prices?
Federal Reserve Increases Counterfeiting

Note that two, high-profile mainstream media commentators attempted to attack my position here. You can see how dismally they failed, in the second and third commentaries on that reading list. Now U.S. Treasuries fraud has reached a new, insane extreme: 0%paid on U.S. 3-month Treasuries.

Understand that this “0% interest” is not the Federal Reserve’s benchmark rate, this is the actual rate of interest paid on these U.S. bonds. Zero. Lenders supposedly lending the bankrupt U.S. government money, for free. Nothing insane about that, is there?


What readers also need to keep in mind here is why we have the (fraudulent) interest rate on these fraud-bonds continuing to fall. It’s because (as already noted) the U.S. gets more bankrupt by the day. Note that the word “bankrupt” is an absolute term, thus the phrase “more bankrupt” is itself proof of the insanity and fraud here.

Because this government gets less-solvent by the day (lol), it can’t even afford to continue to pay the same, fraudulently low rate of interest it was already paying. Undoubtedly (as in Europe) we will see these rates start to go “negative” — meaning borrowers stealing the money of lenders. Want to earn a steady income? Borrow money.

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