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Erick is Keeping His Oath To Defend the Constitution

from GOP:

Upon entering the United States Air Force In 2001, I took an oath to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I believe helping the Republican Party with their goals allows me to continue upholding that oath. I applied to become an RLI fellow because I thought it was an opportunity to both help the Republican Party and learn new skills that would help me in become a more effective leader.

While being a part of the RLI Fellowship I met numerous self-motivated and skilled individuals. I hosted debate parties and talked 1 on 1 with individuals in my community about current events while inspiring them to dedicate their efforts in a productive manner to ensure a Republican victory in 2016.

I developed friendships that inspired my wife and I to step out of our normal routine and experience Michigan in ways we never thought possible.  I acquired crucial advice from long time business owners of organizations both big and small about how to run a successful operation. There is no doubt that the RLI Fellowship changed my perspective and life in ways that I am already experiencing a positive impact from.  I recommend this fellowship to anyone who has a thirst for knowledge and a drive to improve themselves. 

Erick RLI

Erick Slomkowski is a Republican Leadership Initiative Fellow in Michigan. To join Erick, and hundreds of others across the country, apply here

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7 comments to Erick is Keeping His Oath To Defend the Constitution

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    I don’t know where to begin with this. Do you really believe that you have any chance of effecting change within the citadels of power merely through your presence? Do you truly think that the Republican Party will return to the tenets of the Constitution, after an unbroken history of neglect, simply because you have won “victory” over your fellow citizens? What is the philosophy behind your desire to lead? What is this Constitution of which you purport to defend? Have you identified any foreign or domestic enemies or is this just rhetoric?
    Can you name a single clause of the Constitution that has been attacked by its enemies? If the Constitution is attacked, doesn’t it stand to reason that it can only be attacked from within, as a foreign government or agent would have absolutely no chance of damaging its integrity?If your enemy is the Democrats and your victory is complete, can you identify how they have broken the law as based on your defense of the Constitution?

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Erick, what I meant to say was; You Deluded Statist Fuck! You have no interest in defending the Constitution. All you are after is power. What is the basis of your philosophy, Liberty? Property Rights? Limited Government? Sound Constitutional Money and the Disbandment of the Fed? The disbandment of the NSA,CIA,FDA,DEA,TSA,IRS?
    Is this what you mean by defending the Constitution from being undermined Domesticly?
    Just curious.

  • Larry from Montreal

    Anyone that enters politics is after power and money. Everything is rigged and there is only one party, the one the bankers run. Go vote in your Diebolt voting machines along with all the other election fraud. I wonder if this guy is related to the bastards that bombed the Doctors without borders in Afghanistan. “Thank you for your service”.

  • Erick Slomkowski

    “Sergio of the Jungle” to answer your first question…. Yes! The dominos are already in motion. The Constitution can only be threatened from within, due to the fact of our status as a first world power and our military might.

    I am after power but not for myself. I am after power to strengthen the American people through my own sacrifice if necessary. If I was after currency I would have to consider myself a failure because I haven’t accrued much from the republican party except to work as a staffer in Macomb county Michigan where I did my best to bring up issues that I learned about here as well as numerous other websites. I am extremely worried about our citizens liberties.

    There are literally self professed socialists prancing on stage requesting to be my leader being broadcast to the world as if they represent me or anyone like me. I decided to work with the GOP because I believe that is our best shot to obtain enough votes to avoid the nightmare of socialism. The GOP is filled with all sorts of people and I for one would like to flood it with liberty minded individuals who actually care about our Nations future.

    But you are free to believe whatever you like about me. I have a facebook and I’d be more than willing to discuss it there or IRC or any other platform that would desire.

    I freaking love your enthusiasm though!

  • Erick Slomkowski

    To answer your first question…. Yes! but I will need help.

    I have only been paid as a staffer during the 2014 gubernatorial elections and that ended in Dec 2014 it was barely enough to scrape by with utilities and food. I have received patchy payments of about half of what I expected from the VA for utilizing the remainder on my GI Bill in which I invested in at the beginning of my time in service. I haven’t received anything from the VA since august and have still been attending classes. At the same time taking care of my wife Chelsie and raising my 2 daughters that we home school and doing as many armslist and craigslist trades as possible to make enough to keep my family afloat to avoid falling into the state aid trap.

    While serving as a staffer during Michigan’s 2014 elections I utilized this site as well as others to pass information along to those around me about and sure enough, the 2016 elections are coming up and the Democrats have self proclaimed socialists capturing the world’s stage and all of the inner party competition is agreeing with him! Now I am getting a lot of attention….

    I swear to you, I am trying to empower the American people and I would like to get more liberty minded people into the party to catalyze conversation and safeguard liberty.

    I believe efforts need to be made to protect what our forefathers had in mind when constructing the Constitution for my children’s sake and if you have children theirs as well.

    Time is ticking and everything is at stake.

  • Erick Slomkowski

    I can’t find one good reason to give up and lose hope. America can be great again and Americans can be proud again.

  • Dad Good Choices If This Is You This Is Lizzy!

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