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There are many considerations when worrying about a “grid down” situation. Here are some thoughts worth considering:


“Black Friday” is coming shortly, so you might want to make a wish list and maybe even store it in the “saved for later” section of your Amazon shopping cart; you will get a notification for price changes. Sometimes an item will drop 30% for a sale or no known reason. Do the same with your “prepper wish list” but also have a budget and price point in mind. If things fall apart soon, this might be a last chance to stock up.


Although a basic solar outfit is good, after the basic setup where you can keep your basic devices charged. Just remember that your Internet and cell phone are likely to be down, if not immediately then after a few days, when their backup generators go out.

I have been investing in batteries first. I’ve found a surplus/used source for very large (250Ah 8A8D pulled from equipment) batteries very economically (~$1/Ah). Each one of these can last one day, if I don’t unplug anything, and I can keep them trickle charged with inexpensive grid electricity. My current PV setup would take several days to charge them, but I’m going to be adding. It would be several days, if it was sunny and even longer if it was cloudy. With more batteries, You can get by more days without a recharge. Evaluate carefully if you should get another solar panel or another battery. Another battery might get you another day or two, whereas a PV panel might just top off what you have.

I’ve already mentioned Amazon, but Newegg has both NewEggFlash and Shell Shockers, where there are very deep discounts. You can get Lithium power bricks to keep your laptop going for a long while or to keep your phone or tablet up even longer. I’ll add as another economical source, and they have lots of personal defense, prepper, clothing, and other things. Harbor Freight has coupons and lots of discounted tools. There are many other daily bargains or loss-leader specials, so subscribe to them.

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