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End Selfishness Now! | A Motivational Plea

from Stefan Molyneux:

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1 comment to End Selfishness Now! | A Motivational Plea

  • Eric

    This may quite possibly be one of the best videos and rants that Stefan has ever produced. He was really on fire in the last few minutes.

    Be a service to others instead of a service to yourself. You will receive back so much more than you had to give.

    I grow so tired of the people who think that the libertarians are the selfish ones because we don’t want the government to rob us of our productivity in order to create a world of self entitled assholes with the motto of “give it to me. you have more than I do.”

    Every dumb liberal marxist progressive jerk should listen to this. But they won’t. Because they are close minded selfish dickheads.

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