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  • Jacobson

    Dear nazis, please leave you comments down here:

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      • SGT

        Guys, please reign it in. Any further comments heading down this path yet another time, thereby hijacking the entire comments section for this post, will be deleted. Everyone is fully aware of where you both stand. Thank you!

        • Eric

          I just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing.

          • SGT

            I’m going to post each new piece from David who is corresponding with me to design political, social and economic related artwork that speaks to the core issues we focus on at SGT report. My goal is to keep them sticky posted to the top of the page for 2-4 days as a central place for a good exchange of comments, information and links to be shared by all. I just want it to be a fairly positive forum for all, which you are always good about Eric. Thanks.

        • Dresden Druid

          @ SGT

          totally Agree. I am so very tired of visiting your site just to read comments of people like Eric and gnostic who always at every turn bash an entire race of people, just because there are powerful people of that particular race like Larry Silverstein who represent the worst of human evil.



          And I’m tired of reading that

          Probably not going to post this but I am mad as hell to see such hatred and arrogance every single day.

          • SGT

            Thank you for your feedback DD. This will be the policy of our site moving forward. We will not allow the site to be mired down in the divide and conquer comments any longer. Insightful comments, links and discourse encouraged.

            • Rainmaker

              Sean, we love you, but please don’t get all PC on us. This has been going on for over 260 years. We must cut the cancer OUT and remove it completely,and finally, because it keeps coming back stronger every time there is a chance to regroup. We are at the cross roads, and we must call it like it is. We know you are aware…………but sooner or later, we all must choose.

              • ColdStreamGuard

                So the choice is: a person is PC and can never suggest that someone of Jewish extraction might not be evil,

                or they want all Jews to be exterminated?

                High time we moved beyond this Gnostic bullshit.

                • Gnostic

                  @ ColdStreamGuard

                  Believe me, those who adhere to Jewish supremacist doctrine are on a psychopathic agenda toward world domination over all gentiles & they want you exterminated not the other way around! In fact they are executing their plan everyday via promotion of white genocide, destruction of the middle class, destruction of the family, vaccines, chemtrails, war, etc. All anyone has to do is read their Holy Talmud & Torah.

                  You can turn the other cheek if you’d like, I for one will not.

                • Eric


                  “We must cut the cancer OUT and remove it completely,and finally, because it keeps coming back stronger every time there is a chance to regroup.”

                  No more dual citizenship for members of Congress. Very simple.

              • SGT

                Hey Rain, don’t worry, not getting PC at all here, fair commentary about Zionism, or the Israeli role in 9/11, or in our federal government, or whatever, is fine when appropriate to the subject matter of the post. But we would like to head off the hijacking of these posts over one subject, repeatedly. We have never played comment traffic cop here in the past, nor do we want to now.Thanks all!

            • willygroper

              Thank you Sean!

              Divide & conquer is why we’re in this mess.

              Over-generalization of groups is always wrong.

              Discourse & debate are necessary.

              Nastiness, not so much.

              • Gnostic

                hey willy, the enemy of mankind has used divide & conquer for millennia, many of us are just now beginning to deconstruct their methods & shine a light of truth on them so as to unite the 99%, Sorry but the 1% happens to be the judeo-masonic scumbags.

                • willygroper

                  Well, sorry is something I can agree with you on, albeit in another context altogether.

                  I’d go a bit further & say the 1% are Satanists.
                  You also leave out the Pope. Bibi meets with him often. Get to the top of the pyramid Gnostic. It’s a coordinated effort.

                  I also reiterate the over-generalization of groups is in & of itself group think. As bad or even worse than any religious zealot.

                  There are plenty of Jews against Zionism.

                • Gnostic


                  Satanism is Judaism..”Most Jews do not like to admit it but we worship lucifer” Harold Rosenthal (top aid to Sen Jacob Javits in his book the Hidden Tyranny) later murdered. So yes the top of the pyramid is Judaism with many contributors such as the Jesuit (jewish creation) Pope. whom also worships lucifer aka satan.

                  The young man in your video may have been born into a jewish family but he is not behaving as a jew on the other hand many christian zionists are jews. Judaism is an ideology & has many facets besides zionism.

                • Simon

                  For some reason I could not reply to your above comment concerning the Talmud. There is a ‘truth’ when people suggest…it isn’t what WE believe that counts, its what THEY believe. That has always stuck with me.

                  I have always known of the Talmud as a ‘Holy Book’ and its always been in my peripheral vision, so to speak. Until recently I had never even bothered to take a proper look. Then I came across a list of 20 ‘quotes’ from the Talmud and I have to say…it is one of the most genocidal racist book ever written.

                  When you look deeper and understand what they really truly believe, without even trying to take ANYTHING out of context…it is a ‘mirror’ of the world we live in today.

                  If people truly want to understand the world we live in…it is mirrored in the Talmud. Not only that but the headline of a Top Rabbi’s article, in Is-rae-ls TOP newspaper, published the headline “The gentiles are here to serve us”…in other words, all the world is here on Earth to serve the Jws. Its a fact as per the Talmud and not taken out of context.

                  I am not Trolling anyone or hating…go look up ‘Tidbits from the Talmud…then take a deeper look. You can see to days world/events in its writing…

                • willygroper


                  While I appreciate your POV, IMO it’s too narrow for me. I too, used to think along those lines.

                  IMO all the sabre rattling is Kabuki. So is Pooty a crypto?

                  A look see at this better explains why my focus is a bit broader. As I stated, this is a coordinated effort. NOTHING is as it seems, beginning with Genesis 1:1

                • Gnostic


                  Great doing your own research, I do not ask anyone to believe me, I am not 100% not even close nor is anyone else, all we can do is research $ inform others to do the same, As a result, we learn not to fall for the same traps & repeat the same mistakes.

          • Eric


            If you want to see hatred and arrogance, go to Israel.


            I don’t want anyone exterminated.

            of or relating to knowledge, especially esoteric mystical knowledge.

            Knowledge…something you get from READING! A lost art that few do any longer. Anyways, I’m out of here. I’m going to go help people who want to figure this out and I care about. To the rest that still haven’t figured it out…time’s up. Good luck.

          • If we were only talking about a Larry Silverstein here and there, this would be a non-issue. Unfortunately the supremacist Likudniks that run Israel and have hijacked the US are putting the entire world in huge jeopardy. This will be a Shoah for EVERYBODY.
            Likudnik Zios need to be stopped, and decent Jews need to get past the victimization routines and take the lead. They need to step up their game, because well meaning Gentiles will be stopped at the door with the anti-semite black magic Golem trick.

            • shanahughes

              SGT continually features infowars posts, why is that?

              • Alex Jones is a Zio gatekeeper. He constant runs back-stories (largely true) against the Saudis, while deflecting attention away from the 800 pound gorilla in the room, Israel.

                Despite this, I do not consider Jones a bad guy in the least. I’ve learned a lot from him. He has amazing institutional knowledge and recall from which to draw. His better broadcasts can be amazing. He also has one of the most incredible archives of interviews and documentaries of deep state and liberty activity on the planet. He’s spot on with many issues.

                But on this key issue he has been co-opted or perhaps threatened. Everybody with public reach remembers the fates of Mel Gibson, Helen Thomas, and far worse. Jones also promotes the Muslim boogeyman meme far too much for my taste. However I think he brought David Duke on and played possum in this remarkable interview as a form of protest against his controllers.

              • SGT

                Settle down. We have three contributors to this site, one of whom (Peter) likes to choose pertinent content about global affairs that he finds at Infowars, and I am fine with it, because the strategically chosen content we feature from them is truthful. And yes, we FEATURED the Zionist debate between Jones and David Duke which Jones clearly lost.

          • Howard Roark

            When the game is up run to the default….uber “victim” status…please

            Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.

        • Craig escaped from Detroit

          I agree with SGT that blind, mindless hatred & endless vitriol is counter productive.

          Endless preaching just makes everybody tired.

          But some clever, thoughtful, insightful poking a few holes into false propaganda, or getting SHEEPLE to use their BRAIN POWER & Logic, to begin to grow and open their minds to a wider perspective is very useful.

          I don’t mind poking a stick into the hornet’s nest, as long as I do it with HARD hitting logic & questions that force the lazy thinkers to SHARPEN their game and come up with better counter-points.

          As to hate based solely on religion? I hate it. But religion has always been used to get people to gather into groups and are taught that “we” are better than “them”. And the mindless hate without logic, has begun. (of course, they use “justification” to push their thinking further, but they don’t use the FULL basket of LOGIC.)

          Religion really hates it when LOGIC gets a bit TOO clever. EVERY religion.

          When we, as humans, are TAUGHT from earliest years, to BELIEVE that something is Absolutely TRUE,,,, we have a VERY hard time of opening up to ANY logic that refutes our beliefs.

          And when we find MILLIONS of other people with the SAME beliefs as ourselves, then it just reinforces the idea that OUR belief is TRUE.

          I did a little experiment for myself the other day, I went to Google, to do a Search for the PROOF of “God”, scientific proof, real world proof, mathematical proof, etc.

          ANYTHING that might PROVE that God exists as we were taught to believe. It’s clear that in today’s world, ANYTHING that can be DOCUMENTED, will be documented.

          I began my search by EXCLUDING EVERY bit of PHILOSOPHY or Holy Books, letters, writings, word of mouth, eye witness testimony, etc, which is MORE than 50 years old.

          If something as big as GOD cannot be documented TODAY?

          So, in the 50 years or NEWER category, I find NOTHING but Philosophies, extrapolations, guess work, fancy feelings, mathematical formulas dealing with energies, etc. I find the EXACT same “proofs” that Elvis Presley is ALIVE.

          Or, I find the exact same proofs for Bigfoot. I can actually find MORE proof for UFO’s.

          But one thing really HIT me hard about the “Proof of God”.

          ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that PROVES God, is NOT limited to WHICH God it proves. When you do the MATH, or philosophy, or the warm fuzzy feelings, or something gets “Healed”, then it proves ALL the Gods!!!!

          The proof of God, also PROVES Zeus, Odin, Thor, Ragnar, The Crocodile God, Lizard God, all the Roman & Greek Gods, etc. Probably THOUSANDS of Gods get “proved” to be TRUE.

          How does anybody prove ONE God, but NOT any of the OTHERS? Oh…..things just got really sticky.

          When I get HEALED form something, I can clain it was ZEUS who did it, and WHO can prove me wrong?

          So, you see? Religion, is kind of the most PREJUDICE, pathological NON provable thing in the world.

          Question= If there is a God, then WHY does he ever make ANY atheists?
          If there is a God, then why would he ever make any other religions?

          If we DO have “Free Will”, then WHY would anybody go to hell for choosing something that they prefer to do, rather than what God wants?

          It seems to me, that God labels everything that is FREE will, as a SIN which must be punished or paid, so it’s not really a FREE WILL choice, is it?

          Who would choose to SUFFER? The idea of GOD, does not allow FREE will, because you’d all burn in hell for choosing free will.

          • Ed_B

            Interesting post, Craig… a mind-massage if ever there was one. 🙂

            As to your questions, let me take a crack at them. Not claiming to have all the answers but my 66 years on this rock have not been completely wasted. 😉

            “Question= If there is a God, then WHY does he ever make ANY atheists?”

            Because of free will. We have the right and the power to choose. God does not want robots. He wants companion spirits who think and act in ways that can be generally recognized as good. IMO, this IS the premier function of living here on earth… having the opportunity to CHOOSE between good and evil, to do good or evil, and to serve good or evil. Choose wisely!

            “If there is a God, then why would he ever make any other religions?”

            God does not make religions. People do. Harming others in the name of religion is a terrible sin, IMO, and I strongly suspect that God thinks so too. We are his spiritual children. He created our souls and loves those souls more deeply than we can know or understand. We get a tiny glimpse of this via having children of our own whom we cherish and for whom no sacrifice is too great.

            Again, because of our free will, we can choose whether or not to create a religion and whether or not to follow a religion. We can also choose to select the very best of things that every religion gets right, dump what they get wrong, and use this as our core belief system. So, which religions are best? The ones that bring us closer to grace and God.

            “If we DO have “Free Will”, then WHY would anybody go to hell for choosing something that they prefer to do, rather than what God wants?”

            Great question… and one of the really tough ones out there. IMO, no one is sent to hell. That is a myth that some religions foster in order to enforce their will on their members. What really happens is that all of the pretense falls away from us at death and we review our life from a completely objective point of view. We know exactly what we have done that was right and what was wrong. We try to correct that in subsequent lives. Karma is real. It is one of God’s universal laws… “As you sew, so shall you reap” and all that. When we sin against others, perhaps terribly, we know instinctively that what we did was wrong but the only way to truly relate to the harm we have caused is to live a life wherein that same kind of thing happens to us. We learn when we feel joy and when we feel pain. Some lessons are really hard to learn and we don’t come to them easily. Like a kid having trouble in school, we sometimes have to repeat a grade or two before we really get with the spiritual advancement program. It is painful but it is also necessary if we are to achieve higher levels of consciousness and become closer to God. Almost all in spirit form want to achieve this. A few do not, preferring to live in darkness rather than in the pure light of God’s unconditional love. God loves them even so but does not force them to come to Him. He allows them to choose when they are ready to come into The Light.

            “It seems to me, that God labels everything that is FREE will, as a SIN which must be punished or paid, so it’s not really a FREE WILL choice, is it?”

            Yes, actually, it is. Knowing that something is considered a sin is sufficient to prevent some of us from doing those things. But it doesn’t stop others from doing them and then suffering the consequences of their acts. I firmly believe that “Nobody gets away with nuthin’ “. Sometimes, people appear to get away with quite a lot. Perhaps they do for a time. But the cosmic scales WILL be balanced at some point and karma is the tool for that.

            This is also why God brings us into this world with a lot of vagueness in our lives. We ask ourselves, “Who and what are we?”, “Why are we here?”, “Who and what is God?”, “Is there a God?”, etc. This is the flip side of free will. We don’t get a set of blueprints for our lives because we specifically need to figure it out for ourselves. God really wants us to succeed in life, to be good people, to help others, to be kind, generous, and charitable, especially with those less fortunate than ourselves. But He is not going to demand that we be so. If we are so by our own choice, that is WAY better spiritually than merely following God’s commands.

            “Who would choose to SUFFER?”

            I have known several people who were not happy unless they had something in their lives to be miserable about. I am sure that you and others have too. Then too, some people are just very strong willed and do any damned thing they want, regardless of the consequences. Unfortunately, they do not see the spiritual consequences or rewards that result from living a physical life. If they did, then they would make better choices.

            Consider that not all souls are the same age. Some souls are old and very wise. Some are young, foolish, and prone to violence. It is through living that we grow out of our foolishness and gain knowledge and wisdom that come with learning at the spiritual level.

            “The idea of GOD, does not allow FREE will, because you’d all burn in hell for choosing free will.”

            No, you won’t. As mentioned above, this is a myth that some religions and people use to control the behavior of others. Maybe they do this for the betterment of all or some other esoteric reason but this can and has been abused quite a lot too. YOU will decide the merits and demerits of each of your lives. Not God and not anyone else… and you will do so with complete objectivity and without any preferential treatment. I know that this is not an easy point to grasp because it runs counter to what many of us grew up learning but it is the truth insofar as I know it.

            Just know that “life” as we know it here on earth is basically “the university of the soul”. We are here to learn and grow, not just physically, but mostly spiritually. Some of us learn quickly and easily. Some do not. But the goal is always to learn and grow, no matter how long it takes us or how many times we must face the same challenges. Once we master a challenge, we move on to bigger ones that are even more spiritually rewarding if we can overcome them.

            So, what is death? You did not ask this but I thought that it fit in here. This is when the spirit that dwells within us all sloughs off the physical shell that we require to live and act in this realm. Much of the time, our bodies are old, ill, or just plain worn out.
            At that point, we no longer need it, and are free to explore many other realms of consciousness. Many of them are wonderful places, filled with love, art, music, truth, light, color, justice, friendship, and many things that we recognize as being inherently good. Some, of course, are not. If we truly believe that we need to serve some time in a hell that we have created, we will send ourselves there to learn what we need to know so that future episodes / retraining are not necessary. If we do not believe that we deserve punishment, then none will be had. But in either case, it will be OUR decision to make and not someone else’s… not even God’s. In the spirit state, we all will KNOW what pleases God and strive to achieve that, regardless of whether or not there is punishment involved. This is one of the primary differences between the physical and spiritual states. The physical is all about learning while the spiritual is all about KNOWING.

            All of the above is my opinion only. It is not meant as “proof” of anything. IMO, discussions about “God” are matters of “faith”, which is often defined as “belief in the absence of proof”. Many will disagree with what I wrote and that’s fine. I have no problem with that whatever. We are not all at the same stages of spiritual understanding, so will have differing viewpoints on that basis alone. Eventually, we will all arrive at the same destination, however. Cheers, all. 🙂

            • Craig escaped from Detroit

              Well said Ed.

              Very thoughtful (and insightful answers & postulations.) I’ve known about the law (and the word of “Karma” since I was about 15 years old). That was the beginning of my learning about the real universe (multiverse?).

              How about the question of: “If there is “proof of God”, then it proves ALL the Gods.”

              Pretty interesting how anybody might try to know the difference of WHICH Gods are proven, and which are not?

              Perhaps this is why “Star Wars” had so many levels of popularity, is the idea, NOT of a God, but of a universal “Force”.

              Edgar Cayce refers to God quite often as the “Creative Forces” of all existence.

              Kinda fits, as God seems to have a HANDS OFF policy, to allow us to evolve on our own and sort out our own problems.

              Also a lot like the Star Trek “PRIME DIRECTIVE”.

              The number of people who NOW believe, know, understand, seek about Karma, Reincarnation, etc, are FAR bigger than it was back in the 1970’s. Mankind is growing in spiritual & mental levels at a much faster pace.

              As we grow, the old ways and fears of entrenched religion, becomes more paranoid and labels it as “New Age religion” (supposed to be something to be afraid of).

              Sort of like the old Witch Burning trials. New ideas make the old ideas angry and retaliatory.

              • Eric

                I’ve alway thought of “God” as the universal divine “Force” of creation all throughout the Universe.

                Not a “father” sitting on a cloud watching over us.

                ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’
                -Nikola Tesla

              • Ed_B

                Thanks, Craig. I could not agree more with your comments, particularly where they involve the old vs. the new in terms of religion.

                I consider myself to be a very religious person in that I have high ethical standards of personal conduct and am one who seeks a close, loving, and permanent relationship with God.

                I do not pretend to understand who or what God is, but I know that He exists. I have “felt His presence” a couple of times in my life and have also received spiritual messages from some advanced spirits, I know not who. But the advice given was sound, I took it, and a bad situation was avoided.

                I can only surmise that some greater good occurred because of this because it is unlikely that any higher spirits would contact a lower spirit unless there was a critical reason for doing so. In many cases, there is not a critical reason that justifies contact so no contact occurs.

                Those who reject the idea of God out of hand because our rather pathetic 5 senses cannot detect Him or no scientific tool can “prove” His existence have never had Him or a higher spiritual being “touch” them. If they had, they would KNOW that God exists and that seeking Him is what all people of good conscience do throughout their lives. This cannot be explained any more than the concept of sight and color can be explained to those blind from birth. We simply do not have the words or the meaning in common to discuss it in any meaningful ways.

                But, fear not… contact will be made with higher spiritual beings when the time is right for it and those contacted are ready for it… and no a moment before then.

                Time binds us strongly in this life because we need it to provide points of reference as we move through life. We are linear beings in time because it is necessary for us to be so. But not at the higher levels of existence. There, we are free of time and can easily and quickly move to any point in time we choose.

                The same is true of distance. Here, great distance is a formidable obstacle to our movement. But in the spirit realms, it is not because we can move to any of them at the speed of thought, apparently without effort.

                Above all else, remember the 5-points that are critical to a successful life: 1) love; 2) beauty; 3) truth; 4) peace; and 5) faith. If a person can get a reasonably good grip on all 5 of these things in their life, then they will be successful and can do great things that benefit all around them. 🙂

                • Craig escaped from Detroit

                  As they say: “When the student is ready, the Master will appear.”

                  contact in 5…4…3…2…1…

      • John Pallyswine

        The waSSp now slave to the Zionist I LOVE IT

        The waSSp exterminated the native of America. Payback she is a b1tch no mes amis???

        Drop to your knees in front of the Zionist for your crimes against the native. hahahahaha

    • “Anti-antisemitism, It’s a trick we always use it”- Israeli Minister on NPR

    • Howard Roark

      Talk about your crying and whining…still waiting for your visit tough guy

  • incognito

    Amen to that.

  • KRELL427

    David’s artwork beams the truth. One of the main reasons I like listening to Jeff Rense on YouTube is to see the Dees stuff. Adds another dimension to the mix. Glad to see you 2 have teamed up.

  • Tyberious


    I see how you formulate your worldvie;

    You really need help and a new forum for all of your hate!


    There has to be some kind of moderation, look at Silverdoctors comment section, most provide absolute nothing to the conversations, just childish comments and sub adolescence behavior.

    I boggles my mind that anyone in the truth media or that is awake at all, could still use racist terms, knowing full well that division is a preferred tactic by TPTB. And though it is fair to criticized Obama, one must never forget his a Puppet doing his dance,if not him them some other Puppet.

    • Eric

      What hate? Guys! I have no feelings of hatred toward anyone. Please do not make assumptions about me. I have simply studied this much more thoroughly than most. If you want to say I am racist, that is your opinion. But there are differences in races and until we can discuss them fairly and accurately without having to tiptoe around the subject, then don’t expect any improvement.

      I simply shared a link. Everyone who has done their due diligence by now should know that the Zionist Occupied Government or ZOG controls the US Corporate Government. And it is and always has been jewish supremacism and their hatred for the white christian european races that create the conflict in the first place. If you are still in denial about this, then you really need to wake up!!!

      Go read about 500 books and texts on the subjects of history and who has controlled this planet since the beginning of time like I did and get back to me when you figure it out. I probably won’t be here when that happens. I don’t have forever. And neither do you. Neither does America or the rest of this world.

      • Yeah the funny thing about that is that everyone on this planet is waking up, getting off their knees, and taking their power back. Your arrogance has blinded you John. And I don’t think that is going to work for you much longer.

        • Eric

          I don’t know why you guys deleted John’s comment. I think it’s better to let him expose himself so everyone can see. But you might as well delete mine as well because it doesn’t make any sense now.

      • ChainMailArmor

        Eric, Surely by now your your thorough studies would have led you to the DNA tests which prove that most who call themselves Jews are not of Jewish decent at all. So that begs the question, what is a Jew? While a Jew can certainly be considered someone that descends from the bloodline of Abraham in the physical world in the spiritual a Jew can be considered someone who is grafted into the family of Jesus, the Son of the living God. After all there is no denying that Jesus himself is a Jew from the boodline of David. The primary tactic of the enemy has been and will always be to attack the truth of the Word of God which leads to confusion followed by sin. Names mean nothing in a world where DNA is proof positive. So we still have two groups of people left that may claim to be Jews. Those who are not Jews at all but are fakers and those who are Jews but do not follow their God and there for are not Jews at all because their “branches have been broken off”. Fakers can be compared to those Americans like Pres Obama who claim to be Americans but do not stand for the principles there of. Jews who’s “branches have been broken off” can be likened to those uncircumcised Jews who do not follow the God of their fathers. The last thing I will say is this. The majority of Jews as the majority of the world do not recognize their Savior, Jesus the Christ, therefore will not be subject to His moral standard until they have been, by the grace of the Almighty, sanctified by the Spirit and believe in the truth. The Word of God is truth.

        • Eric

          I would even go a little further ChainMail. The word “jew-ish” denotes religion, but the word “jew” denotes race. And I’m not sure any of these 2 words have been around longer than a few hundred years. I don’t accept the idea that Jesus or Yehoshua or Joshua was a “jew.” I think that is oversimplified. He may have been of the Davidic bloodline and the tribe of Judah but I honestly don’t think that matters. Since anyone can convert to Judaism (religion), I don’t think you can say that a jew can certainly be considered part of this bloodline or that bloodline. Many modern day jews have a vile hatred of Christianity and white Europeans. This is evidenced by Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, and many others, but as I have said I know many good secular jew-ish people who consider themselves of some kind of jew-ish bloodline and think they are the direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and yet have no proof to back it up and are whiter than I am. I completely agree that those “jews” who have not accepted the light of Christ into their hearts will not be subject to the moral standard of the teachings of Jesus until they have been. That is the new convenient and the new Testament. The majority of modern day jews have been more brainwashed than the rest of us and are thus the most difficult to wake up because they have the most to lose. The idea that one race is chosen by God or one religion is superior to another’s is a dinosaur of an idea. Supremacism and in particularly Jewish Supremacism should be left under the rock from which it came. We are all spiritual beings incarnated into human form. Nobody is better than anybody else. And nobody deserves special treatment because of their race or religion. The Word of God is truth. But the bible is not a book written by God. It is a book about God.

          “Marching to Zion” Full Movie (Part 5 of 5) Jewish DNA and Genealogies

    • chris

      I think I’ll work out for myself who is to be criticised and why. If you think it is fair to criticise Obama, you go right ahead. I suggest you cease trying to control another website’s forum. Sounds a bit like you have a plan for censorship here imposed by um… you. I’m with Eric. Don’t form stupid assumptions from conversations that take place in your mind.

    • Matt


      Re: “I see how you formulate your worldvie;
      You really need help and a new forum for all of your hate!”

      WTH? What’s wrong with posting this leaflet that was dropped by Russia on Syria? Seems very interesting, highly informative, honest, and not at all racist or hateful on Eric’s part

    • John Pallyswine

      I expect idiotic Jew hate from the waSSp and the dirty muuzlim and the Catholic.

      Between the muu, the waSSp and the Catholic, 250,000,000 innocent people have been killed but the waSSp the muu and the Catholic all have hate for the Jews

  • aussie

    Interesting to see that Henry Kissinger is very much involved with the Chinese in their economic discussions. James Corbett over at Corbett report has some interesting analysis on the role of russia and china in the new world order. link here

    • mangrove

      Interesting. Thanks.

      You know, when it comes right down to it, the New World Order really seems to be in place already. I don’t think there’s going to be a day when an announcement formalizes it anyhow. I look at all the cheerleading for Putin and Jinping because they’re countering the dollar and U.S. hegemony (bullying) around the world. On the surface, it’s great to see the U.S. and its murderous policies are being challenged, but that’s shallow thinking if one believes the replacement (BRICS, or whatever) when the dollar falls as being BETTER. But it’ll likely be the dreaded One World Currency under some fancy new applealing-to-the-masses name. Look how their ushering in the propaganda and mind control and psy-opera with Agenda 2030, starting out with “The Global Goals” and “Strong Cities” initiatives. If you haven’t learned about those, I would consider it because they’re extreme. (see two videos below)

      The Global Goals

      Strong Cities Network

      I think it would behoove us to assume any major moves on the global chessboard will have ANY benefit to mankind. Can we stop it? I don’t know, but we’ve got to at least KNOW who the enemy is and what the enemy is up to, and not be fooled by characters like Putin or by the feel-good policies of the U.N.

      Two helpful videos, IMO:

  • Merchants of Chaos Peddle Proxy War in Syria, “Strategic Boldness in Asia.”

  • NIX

    Sad to see this post, all of you fighting among eachother! Not much hope to see a change for better! My english is not that great but all of my anger is directed at the true psycopath of this world like those 2 clowns on the cover. I do understand that all this shitt can get to you but if someone wants to (really help) i would suggest to do what i do direct your anger lazer beem at the true psycopath and you know who they are. Oh and one more thing watch porn it helps to unwind once in a wild PEACE


  • C.i.

    Ths Is Crap…ust Saying.

  • Larry from Montreal used to be my “go to” site every day but then SGT came along and Rense and Makow had their spat which I realized was because they were both pressured somehow and they won’t say how. Both their sites have gone to the dogs since but are worth a look now and then. I’m glad he moved his artwork to this site it was too good for Rense’s site anymore.

  • AgShaman

    I’d like to see more of his artwork showing the “flat map” of the UN (33 zones),

    and the ‘froot’ this evil organization has ‘rot’ over the years.

    The secret societies have their spear (UN) pointed at Earth’s humans….they have no plans to ever relent until the matrix crushes and controls everyone.

  • Dennis Rodenbeck

    Excellent! I thought about posting to this earlier but am glad I waited. Perhaps what I have to say has been said already because the comments are huge and I’ve only scanned them.

    The picture says it all. America has a RESERVE CURRENCY run BY ZIONIST. Period.

    It also says that other countries are tired of it, though still in the Zionist ‘system’.

    The fact that so many chime in as taking a political side, even if they call themselves Americans.

    The American Constitution declared only Gold and Silver as money. Had that been followed America would be prosperous and not in debt. The bankers have destroyed many countries, BUT THEY CAN’T destroy people and ideas if we stand up.

    I’m SICK of people that are too lazy to search for the truth.

    • anon

      +1 – Dennis Rodenbeck, when you said: “The American Constitution declared only Gold and Silver as money. Had that been followed America would be prosperous and not in debt. The bankers have destroyed many countries, BUT THEY CAN’T destroy people and ideas if we stand up.

      I’m SICK of people that are too lazy to search for the truth.”

      Me, too.

      David Icke: International Zionism is a Secret Society
      (Whether you watch David Icke’s video, or not, be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, and read, view, listen to ALL content.)

      How about let’s all start letting the FACTS speak for themselves. Huh? How about that?

  • Hman

    Hi Jacobson,

    You remind me of ISIS, they follow the same reasoning, everyone who criticize them is an infidel. I suggest you join them and not only treat them in Zionist hospitals.

    • Jacobson

      The guys here speak about evil jewish gene and you pretend to be naive ?
      Cut the bullshit.
      There are MANY jew haters here, some of them true neo-nazis, and you know what?
      That’s fine, I don’t care, but let’s talk truth.

      • Eric

        We don’t hate anyone Jacob. Hatred is a feeling. We are in a state of love. It’s not an “evil jewish gene.” It’s a schizophrenic gene and a parasitic archontic infection. See?

        We just want you to be more understanding and loving and embrace more diversity and multiculturalism in Israel. Israel is not going to be the monolithic society it was in the last century. Without diversity and multiculturalism, Israel will not survive. 🙂

        • Kevin

          lol @Eric. I love your responses to bad trolling. Not sure why someone who so vehemently disagrees with the info on this website continuously tries to troll the comments section with childish emotional rants. As if there is any childish comment that can stand in the face of truth and facts.

          These trolls are paid by mossad/cia to represent the tribe, have no life, or both.

          More diversity for israel is answer.

  • Christine

    Personally, I don’t understand what most of the posts are about. Accusing Peter, Paul or Jack, or going after any one ethnic group makes absolutely no sense. Except to say that the Roman Empire never died, as evidenced by the laws we go by in the Western countries, and the past 2000 years of history, exclusively to the advantage of the Western world, based on said laws.

    9/11/2001 happens. Some 3000+ people die. 14 years down the road, no one talks but insane wars are being fought, no one really knows why and for what purpose. On our side of the Occidental pond, where the world has been sliced and diced for centuries, anyway. Since this country never bothered to learn or teach any foreign language, hence never gave itself an opportunity to understand where the rest of the world stood and came from, 911 is what the English language says it is.

    2003: the world at large has taken notice and has been taking action. And investigating and not liking what it sees. Apparently, 911 was a thing big enough to act upon. Cards remain very close to the vest but action is taking place. Starts with the creation of BRIC in 2001 (Brazil, Russia, India, China, a pretty big chunk of the world population, mind you. Didn’t take long, did it?), followed by BRICS, in 2005. John O’Neill of Goldman Sachs, the apparent brain of the heartless, money-driven Western world, makes predictions on paper: “Nah, don’t worry, it won’t be much of anything until the year 2027. Even then, they really won’t amount to much until… 2050!” They publish papers. Many papers few read and everybody forgot. When G.S. talks, G.S.-educated-and-indebted listen and repeat. Monkey-see, monkey-do.

    Well… O’Neill was way off. By a very long shot. And O’Neill never considered that BRIC had analytical power equal to –if not superior to- that of the US and a lot, lot, lot less hubris slowing it down. And so much less internal dysfunction!!! And the rest of the world does not rest on religious hypocrisy (except the Middle-Est, but we know what’s going on with that).

    Believe it or not, accept it or not… this is actually the true and overextended end of the Roman Empire, moribund for 3 centuries but smart enough to find enough of a burst of energy to create the Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire, find a new life and survive, thrive and design the world as it wants it. Until now. That thing created Islam (by default), finance as we know it and Rothschild and the money makers and their laws. It’s gone. It is finished. G.S. and all.

    China created and experimented with paper money 5000 years ago and China learns and honors its history. China took an enormous beating from the West. BRIC was the brainchild of China. It’s only normal that China would come back and fix 5000 years of what paper money caused among the Persian, the Greek, the Roman and the Western world. Isn’t that what Karma is all about?

    Time to move on and find out what came BEFORE China. In the meantime, let them fix what they invented and lost control of. What do you think all the recent archaeological findings in China, Japan, India and Africa are all about? Israel? Adam and Eve? Please! Just small potatoes in the big scheme of things! Get perspective here!

    • Christine

      “moribund for 3 centuries” Shoot! When I get going with history, passionate as I am, I don’t reread myself. “moribund SINCE the 3rd century”.

      Oh, and before anyone jumps all over me about the connection between China, Persia, Greece and Rome… All four countries had enormous commercial dealings all throughout history. Having coastal access tended to favor it… It is readily documented. FOIA Vatican. Apparently, Pope Francis is opening the records. No wonder the man stated recently: “I may not remain the Pope for very long…”

      • Eric

        This ones for you Christine. Woke up early today. Watching some Sunday morning preaching on the idiot box here…

        “Faith is trusting God when life doesn’t make sense.”

        “If you’re not faithful in the wilderness, how can God trust you to be faithful in the promised land?”

        “You gotta go through it, to get to it. Don’t get stuck in the valley trying to figure it out. An exclamation point is just a question mark straightened out.”

        -Joel Osteen

        Haha! How can there be so many idiots that listen to this crap? They look like confused sedated medicated zombies.

        • Eric

          Bobby Schuller wasn’t too bad. He was talking about Monopoly and how you can’t own something without it owning you just a little bit.

          I still wish the Christians would read their Bible more and use some critical thinking skills instead of just go to Church.

        • Christine

          Sad to say but I used to be one of those idiots. Only way in America to have some kind of a social life. Even though i had thrown all of that Vatican stuff out of my life back home, when I came here, the only people who would give me the time of day were… church goers. And they were the only ones doing something to help, with baby-sitting, moving and things like that. Didn’t realize it wasn’t free until much, much later.

          And I used to cringe when I heard all those made-up sayings and the jargon. Could never resign myself to use it. Always felt phony as all hell… To this day, I won’t ever talk about anyone being “a fallen person” (peleaaaase!) or that kinda crap.

          • Eric

            Well so did I, but it never made any sense to me. I always questioned it but never tried to figure it out until years later. I really think it comes from a lifetime of sodium flouride calcifying the pineal gland along with all the other garbage we put into our bodies, the industrial strength pharmaceutical medications, and all the other ways they have figured out how to chemically dumb us down.

            Check this out. God is forgiving right?


            • Christine

              HaHaHa! If I had sued every time I got kicked out of a church, I’d be so damn rich, I’d have an island somewhere… Last time, it’s because I was “living in sin” with my BF. Tue story again. Bible study in our little group of a big, mega church almost as bad as the Boston Church of Christ. They prey on students. Big university here, with lots of foreign students they have to “bring to Christ”. Anyway, they called me on my “sin”. I had forgotten my Bible, so I had borrowed one from the group leader. And the group leader started talking to me about “God not liking what I was doing” (shit, 50 years old, I ought to know what God likes or doesn’t huh?). She harped and harped, made me really angry. Finally, I said: “You guys always say that what isn’t in the Bible doesn’t exist, right? This Bible is yours, you just lent it to me. I want you to show me where it clearly states: “And Mary and Joseph GOT MARRIED.” As far as I’m concerned, it’s not in the Bible. Therefore, they never did.” I was asked not to come back. What a bunch of bad faith morons! T’was the last time I tried it. Over 10 years ago. Still living in sin. The sky has yet to fall on me.

              • Gnostic


                You figured it out, The Bible & all Abrahamic religion is BS a plagiarized text to control us. There are some good moral lessons in the bible which Thomas Jefferson widdled down to 14 pages. The laws, the circumcision, not eating pork etc The early scam artist moneylenders figured it out, If you can create a vengeful god you can control mankind. The truth is if we did not a phoney fire breathing god & usury we could all prosper in a golden age once again.

  • none

    Did this D Deeds win one of the adult coloring contests with this illustration?
    Should we give him or her a star? Oh wait can’t give a star must give a participation trophy.

  • karate kid

    who am i
    one who was thier
    he does exsist


  • karate kid


    you pick your parents before birth
    and this isnt life

    over the veil is the real life

    also hell is real

    one more thing about picking your parents

    all those babys they aborted loved thier nmothers enough to die

    one day you will all know

    we are all going to the same plave

  • karate kid


    sorry didnt proof read

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