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Debt Ceiling Debate: Don’t Mention Warfare/Welfare State!

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The dollar dropped about half a milligram gold, and 50mg silver.

The US Treasury’s recent announcement that the government will reach the debt ceiling on November 3 means Congress will soon be debating raising the government’s borrowing limit again. Any delay in, or opposition to, raising the debt ceiling will inevitably be met with hand-wringing over Congress’ alleged irresponsibility. But the real irresponsible act would be for Congress to raise the debt ceiling.

Cutting up its credit card is the only way to make Congress reduce spending. Anyone who doubts this should listen to the bipartisan whining over how sequestration has so drastically reduced spending that there is literally nothing left to cut. But, according to the Heritage Foundation, sequestration has only reduced spending from $3.6 trillion to $3.5 trillion. Only in DC would a less than one percent spending reduction be considered a draconian cut.


Defense hawks have found a way around sequestration by shoving billions of dollars into the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account. OCO spending is classified as “emergency” spending so it does not count against the spending limits, even when OCO is used for items that do not fit any reasonable definition of emergency.

Yet, even using OCO to boost military spending by as much as $80 billion does not satisfy the military-industrial complex’s ravenous appetite for taxpayer dollars.

During the majority of my time in Congress, debt ceiling increases were routinely approved. In fact, congressional rules once allowed the House of Representatives to increase the debt ceiling without a vote or even a debate! Congress’ need to appear to respond to growing concerns over federal spending has forced it to end the practice of rubber-stamping debt ceiling increases.

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2 comments to Debt Ceiling Debate: Don’t Mention Warfare/Welfare State!

  • Ed_B

    Suppose that all US highways had a “speed limit” that anyone could raise whenever they felt like it. Would that constitute a real speed “limit”? No, it would not… and neither does the current “spending limit”. There’s no limit at all when they can raise it whenever they like. So, what they really like is the appearance of having a spending limit rather than actually having one. Like much else in politics, it is appearance over substance that is the true modus operandi.

    If the US Gov had any brains, it would hold the line on ALL spending by reducing all spending by 1% and repeat as necessary until our income exceeds our expenditures. But these gutless brainless wonders in office cannot seem to come up with something this difficult and complex. In spite of this, we are expected to return their sorry butts back to their cushy jobs and offices every election cycle.

    No, it is time to send a message… a REAL message… that we are fed up with this “business as usual” BS. We can do this by refusing to send ANY of them back to their jobs whenever there is an election. We can make the very occasional exception now and then for those who do an outstanding job but this is unlikely to be more than a dozen people from the entire congress and administration. By doing this, we enforce our own version of term limits. There is no need to wait for them to create a system that makes it easy for us to limit their re-elections.

    • Christine

      “If the US Gov had any brains, it would hold the line on ALL spending by reducing all spending by 1% and repeat as necessary until our income exceeds our expenditures”.

      Where do WARS compute in your diatribe. ‘Cuz last time I checked, they were eating 41% of the budget, long AFTER jobs had been outsourced and people reduced to unemployment.

      What’s your idea? Reduce everything by 1% until people have starved to death but still the bulk of the budget goes to WAR? WAR, by the way, that nobody wants but no one has a say about?

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