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Cold Steel’s Survival Edge

from Survival Blog:

For many years, I’ve looked that the Cold Steel web site as well as their printed catalogs, and saw among their fixed blade knifes a survival-type knife, with a hollow handle – called the “Survival Edge” and I just didn’t understand why it was in the line-up. To my mind, it just looked like a “cheap” hollow handle survival knife – one that doesn’t really belong in the Cold Steel line of fantastic knives. Lynn Thompson (Cold Steel’s owner) and I have been friends since the early 1900s and if there is one thing we have learned about each is the fact that we can always be open and honest with each other – never taking offense at each other’s comments or thoughts. So, I never really wanted to order the Survival Edge, thinking that my testing would result in a poor article on the knife.

One day, I had an e-mail from my contact at Cold Steel, telling me that two of the Survival Edge hollow handle survival knives was heading my way – at there quest of Lynn Thompson. Remember, I didn’t request samples. Lynn took it upon himself to send them my way. “Oh great, I sure don’t want to ruin a friendship over what I considered some cheap knives…” But I enter all my testing and evaluation on all products with an open mind – at least as much as I can. Like everyone else, I sometimes form opinions before I should. The knives arrived -and to my mind, they just appeared to be “cheap” knives – full retail is only around $35.


I watched the Cold Steel video of their testing on the Survival Edge – I was more than a little impressed with their testing. This was the sort of testing I wouldn’t consider doing myself. The Cold Steel video was eye-opening. This”cheap” hollow handle survival knife, couldn’t possibly be that good – could it? A quick break down on this knife finds that it has 5″ long blade, and is1-inch wide made out of 4116 German stainless steel – a blade material I’m not familiar with – other than I know the Germans produce outstanding knife steel.Blade thickness is 2.5 mm and the Polypropylene handles – they come in two colors – orange or black are 4-1/4-inch long. And the knife only weighs in at 3 ounces–yes, you read that right – 3 ounces!! I like the molded-in cross guard on the handle – prevents your hand from slipping onto the blade under heavy use! There is also an ambidextrous Secure-Ex polymer sheath – that comes with a Ferrocerium fire steel – it fits nicely in a molded-in pocket on the sheath. I will mention that this knife is made in Taiwan, however as I’ve said numerous times, you get as good as you want in a knife from Taiwan – if you want a $1knife, you can get one – if you want an outstanding $500 knife, you can get one of those too – so don’t ever judge a product by the country of origin.

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