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“CHAPPiE” and the New Transhumanist Religion

from Vigilant Citizen:

TCHAPPiE is a movie about a police robot with advanced artificial intelligence who gets kidnapped by gangsters. However, the true story of the movie is told through allegory and symbols: CHAPPiE is about the abandonment of old religions for a new, futuristic, transhumanist religion.

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead!

CHAPPiE was created by Neill Blomkamp’s, the South African director who is also behind District 9 and Elysium. As in his two previous films, Blomkamp hides a deeper message beneath the guns, the robots and the gangsters, one that even goes in the spiritual realm.

At first glance, the movie appears to be an odd mix of science fiction and Zef aesthetics (South African street culture championed by the rap duo Die Antwoord, who also star in the movie), but there is more than enough symbolism, mainly Biblical, to read a second level of interpretation. Indeed, the story of a sentient robot that becomes aware of its own “mortality” (its battery is dying out) evokes religious and existential questions in the real world where intelligent robots are just about to mix with humanity. However, the movie does not raise its questions or invite reflection. It simply proposes an answer. And that answer can apparently accomplish what religions have been promising since the dawn of time: Immortality. The answer CHAPPiE provides? Transhumanism.


The concept of transhumanism has been mentioned often on this site because it is an important part of the mass media agenda. In a nutshell, transhumanism is about the merging of humans with robots in order to create “enhanced” humans. Along with the pragmatic, scientific side of transhumanism comes an entire philosophy and belief system, which mainly rejects the concepts that God’s creation is perfect and that humans should not play God.

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1 comment to “CHAPPiE” and the New Transhumanist Religion

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Transhuman-ism. Hmmmmm.

    Let me get this right. Religious undertones, eh?

    If I understand my bible lessons correctly, didn’t God make “man” in “His image”? Isn’t there a set of PATTERNS that God & man follows?

    God set the pattern of creating “God-Humanism”, and when Jesus came to earth (God in HUMAN form), that set the pattern of “Human-GODISM”.

    Then, if we just follow the natural progression of patterns that GOD showed us is perfectly OK, then the next logical step is “Trans-humanism / Robot humanism and Human-Robotism”.

    IT’s all approved by GOD, or otherwise he would NOT have started this pattern in the first place, eh?

    Yeah, I just poked the “Hornet’s nest again”. (that should stir up the natives into some passionate rebuttals and conversations. I think I put 2+2 together pretty good. Sharpen your game if you want to comment anything as clever as this.)

    It’s all in good fun. Inquiring minds want to know.

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