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Cannabis Could Win Big in Today’s Canadian Election

from The Daily Bell:

New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair said he would move toward the full legalization of marijuana, but he is focusing on decriminalization first because it can happen immediately … “I am going to start by immediately doing something that I know I can and will do overnight, which is to make sure that nobody ever has to face a charge for personal use or possession of marijuana and of course we are on track to full legalization, but it is more complicated than snapping your fingers,” said Mulcair. – The Star

Dominant Social Theme: Cannabis was banned for good reasons and prohibition will wrk. It’s a gateway drug that leads to violent crime and heroin use.

Free-Market Analysis: Elections, even hotly contested ones, can have major consequences and the upcoming Canadian federal election is no exception. It may end up with a victory for Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, and also for cannabis legalization. Medicinal cannabis is now legal and federally regulated in Canada from coast to coast, but full decriminalization, let alone adult-use legalization, hasn’t yet taken place – and legalization seems even farther off.

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has stood firm against further liberalization. And Canada can expect additional gridlock on the issue if the current administration somehow retains power – even though a majority of Canadians support regulating an adult-use legal marketplace for cannabis.

But many polls in Canada are showing that the electorate is moving away from Harper and the Conservatives – and quickly. Meanwhile, the Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau – son of famous activist Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau – has experienced a virtual renaissance.

In fact, the momentum continues, as Justin Trudeau seems to be surging in the final days. Recent polling data, according to an article posted at Vice News, indicates he continues to gain in popularity.

VICE News predicts the Liberal Party is on track for a big win on Monday evening. The Forum Research survey puts Justin Trudeau’s Liberals at 40 percent — the highest result they’ve achieved thus far in the 78-day campaign — meaning the third-place party could be in a position to sweep into power with a majority government.

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3 comments to Cannabis Could Win Big in Today’s Canadian Election

  • windrunner56

    We will see. Baby Trudeau got elected. 42 years young and says he will legalize Mary Jane. As a result the younger generation FINALLY showed up at the polls and voted. They obviously took him serious, he has a majority government. See how fast he changes his tune after he meets with the banksters, Corporate heavies and the Supreme Court senior Judges, oh and the Senate, all hand picked (not elected) to tow the party line.

    Me…..I voted by not voting. Same old, same old. Sun is up, leaves are falling, air is crisp. Another beautiful day in Alberta.

  • Christine

    Although this keeps being denied by Snopes (wasn’t there a recent scandal there, throwing discredit on Snopes…?), I can’t see why Monsanto would have made this announcement unless there was some truth it.

    And isn’t Canada one of the most heavily bought by Monsanto?

    Let’s keep our eyes open on that one. ‘Cuz one thing is certain, if Monsanto truly appropriates cannabis (or hemp), its curative qualities are out the window!

    • windrunner56

      Not sure on that one. I don’t use myself, but one thing I believe WILL happen here in Canada, is that if the Trudeau Liberals DO either totally decriminalize it or legalize it, they will control it. You see either way the real criminals will be the government. It is OK for THEM to grow, prescribe, sell it, just not you and me.

      It is rather ironic that there are storefronts advertising the sales of Bongs, pipes etc, but it is illegal to use. Government don’t really care as long as they get their cut (taxes). Ridiculous.

      MONSANTO is the most evil Corporation on the planet, though…..

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