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British Lash Out in Defense of Their Man Obama and Wall Street

from LarouchePAC:

LaRouche today pronounced both Bernie Sanders and fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton politically dead, for their overt support of Barack Obama, including Clinton’s vociferous opposition to a return to the Glass-Steagall bill. That, LaRouche stated, leaves the Democratic Party and its Presidential campaign to be resuscitated by a radical return to the founding economic and philosophical principles of the U.S., as spearheaded by Lyndon LaRouche’s Manhattan Project.

The developments on the U.S. campaign front are part of a growing international pattern of the British Empire lashing out to try to recoup from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategic flanking operations, and from generally being on the defensive over recent months. Over the weekend, they activated Bernie Sanders, who performed a sharp about-face on his views on Obama on the eve of the Oct. 13 Presidential debate, by praising British stooge Obama to the skies in an Oct. 11 TV interview.

Another case of British-sponsored response to the existential threat to the survival of the British Empire, was the U.S. bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which Lyndon LaRouche denounced as an act of intentional murder by the British-run Obama.

Over the past 24-48 hours, other elements to be considered as part of this pattern include:

• A mortar attack on the Russian Embassy in Damascus Monday. Two rounds hit the embassy, as a pro-Russian demonstration was occurring outside. No one was hurt, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denounced the attack as “obviously a terrorist attack directed to most likely frighten the backers of the fight against terror and not allow them to win in the fight against extremism.”

• A domestic terrorist plot was dismantled by Russian authorities, in response to their successful operation in Syria.

• Obama and the Saudis are rearming the hard-hit Syrian terrorist apparatus with TOW anti-tank missiles and other weapons, at just the point that Syria and their Russian allies have them on the run.

• The NATO military exercise “Steadfast Noon” was launched, and will run from Oct. 13-16 from the air base at Büchel, Germany, It will simulate the delivery of nuclear weapons from bombers, including German Tornado jets. It involves the U.S. and eight other NATO states: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czechia, Greece, and Turkey.

• A policy brawl has also erupted inside the United Kingdom over what policies to pursue, both economically and strategically. That fight has now broken out on national television, with BBC “Panorama” running a show in shameless defense of a criminal pedophile ring which heavily intersects the British Monarchy.

The removal of Barack Obama from the White House remains the most effective route to preventing the threat of thermonuclear war, and to finally burying the British Empire and its deadly policies.

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