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Bear Market Plague Ignites Massive Global Recession

from Outsider Club:

A corrupt house of cards can’t stand forever…

A system built on cheap lies and piles of worthless paper “assets” under the control of just a few fiercely egotistical oligarchs can only function for so long.

The time is nigh. Year’s end will mark a climatic moment in this ongoing war for your wealth.

Bear Markets Galore!

The bear market plague has already spread far and wide: a deadly epidemic with no cure in sight. Even the strongest among us harbor little to no immunity… economies across the board are in danger.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are currently fleeing emerging economies. Every BRIC country (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) is struggling, and the group’s growing footprint means its problems won’t only have a ripple effect on the globe at large; it’ll be a tidal wave effect in due time…

In China alone the recent economic gloom triggered a rout in stock markets around the world. All but India’s is now in full fledged bear market territory — a decline of at least 20% from its peak.

Indeed, this is bad news for Western nations like the U.S. and those in Europe that have been increasingly targeting the BRICs for future growth since 2001 when Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill coined the acronym BRIC, calling them “the economic engines of tomorrow.”

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