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Australia Proposes Eliminating Passports. There’s Just One Problem…

from Sovereign Man:

It wasn’t that long ago that you could travel from one corner of the world to another with nothing but your good looks.

There are people still alive today, in fact, who were born into a world where passports were not widely used for international travel.

The passport itself is a relatively recent invention, an unfortunate consequence of World War I. And they didn’t really become ubiquitous until the late 20th century.

Now, in many respects you can’t leave your own country without one, especially if you hail from the Land of the Free.

Americans are so ‘free’, in fact, that they can’t even go to Canada without forking over $165 to the government of the United States just to ‘apply’ for a little booklet that gives you the right to leave the country.

Passports are nothing more than a form of control— a way to obtain oodles of personal information and to restrict one of the most basic freedoms of humanity— the freedom to move.

Edward Snowden has been waylaid in Russia for more than two years because the US government rescinded his passport, effectively terminating his ability to travel anywhere.

I remember being in Africa a couple of years ago watching a herd of elephants in the wild continually cross the border in and out of Zambia and Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls.

While the elephants roam freely, we humans obstruct ourselves with imaginary barriers and demands for a bunch of silly paperwork, passports, and visas. Not exactly the pinnacle of civilization.

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