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Asimo, Meet America

from David Dees, exclusively at

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44 comments to Asimo, Meet America

  • Jeff

    The chemtrails are a nice touch.

  • petedivine

    Yeah..the chemtrails out my window are a nice touch too. This photo touches the heart of Amerika.

  • Gerald

    Take a look anytime you go to a place with a lot of people.Most are overweight.I was at Walmart the other day and a woman was pushing her 3 year old daughter in a buggy.The girl was totally obese,and to top it off had a corn dog in each hand and taking bites from each.The mother was huge also.This country is going to have a health crisis to go along with the rest of our problems.You can just see it coming.It’s like people don’t care about themselves anymore.I know some folks have medical issues that cause weight gain,but most are overeating and lazy.And the woman in the picture holding the i-phone,just typical of brain dead america.Why doesn’t the gov come and confiscate phones?They probably kill more people than guns.Which reminds me,the 25 year old that drove her car into the parade in OK,was drunk.It is a fact more people die from alcohol than from nuts with guns.So why don’t they get rid of booze?At least guns are useful,booze is not.It’s time for people to decide what they need and what they just want.When I was young,children were always outside playing.Now,you rarely see children except at malls.At home they are couch potatoes and that is the parents fault.America is in decline in every way possible.

    • Ed_B

      “So why don’t they get rid of booze?”

      Any number of reasons, not the least of which is that tens of millions of people enjoy a drink now and then and do so responsibly. Destroying their freedom to enjoy a drink from time to time is not a productive pursuit or a reasonable response to those who cannot behave responsibly. All manner of encroachment upon personal liberty has occurred due to this kind of thinking. Besides… been there, done that with the 1920s alcohol prohibition, and it was a giant clusterbungle. Then, of course, the state govs and the fed gov reap billions of tax dollars from booze that they won’t give that up lightly… same for tobacco.

  • Cui Bono ?

    Sadly, one can see the point of the Cabal / Zionist agenda : (

    • johnny pallyswine

      The Zio bikini factory cannot make a bikini wide enough for the growing American WASP or Latino or Black hip girth. hahahahahaha

      Which one is the female????

  • blounttruth

    Me thinks you need a thicker skin, and to not try the victim card here. There was no reference to Israel made at all, you assumed by the word Zionist that it was an attack, yet Zionists are not all Israeli, and not all Jews are Zionists. My recommendation is to get over yourself and the victim card might have some validity.

    So lighten up, no one is attacking Israel as a nation or it’s people, it is your main stream media brain washing/ propaganda working overtime to give you an excuse to make such a sad comment.

    • Gnostic

      Yes Jack Bernstein said it best………..The Life of an American Jew
      in Racist Marxist Israel
      Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein (Later assassinated)


      I am well aware of the tactics of you, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts.

      If the person is a Gentile, you cry, “You’re anti-semitic” which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions.

      But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics.

  • Rancher

    Rather than ban stuff we all can enjoy in moderation… we should just get rid of fat/obese people. They cannot hide they are to fat. They cannot run away they are to fat. They can be exported to Africa and learn to eat less or eat the blacks.
    I will sure not do with something because they eat everything.
    Obese people suck…they suck down way more than their fair share of food as so many go hungry.
    Self centered pricks….

    • Howard Roark

      “Self centered pricks….”

      You would know

      • Rdawg

        HR, what’s the deal? Every time I see a post from Rancher, you’re on his/her ass…

        • Howard Roark

          “Rancher” is an ignorant “I got mine” 97 I.Q.(I’m likely being generous) goober who thinks he’s got it nutted and he’s going to watch the rest of us die on TeeVee.

          ” we should just get rid of fat/obese people. They cannot hide they are to fat. They cannot run away they are to fat. They can be exported to Africa and learn to eat less or eat the blacks.”

          He wants everyone who’s not him dead and delights at the prospect of it.

          So he knows lots about “self-centered pricks…” I find the irony amusing, don’t you?

          • Goldbug

            While I don’t agree with everything Rancher said, it did give me a good laugh. And I’ve been called a big lard ass by some. We all need to learn to laugh sometimes. Lighten up bro!

            • Rancher

              My sense of humor is so often played into what I post. It is most often just a more of a parody making fun of the situation… Because most times the situation is so freaking pathetic I need to laugh rather than cry. However obese people in this country are ruining so much for others. No offense just a fact I often read.

              All I know is I only expect others to do what I did first. Not something impossible. I was trim and strong in high school at 5’11” and 185. Played football on the line. 45-50 years later I am the same weight and almost as tall 😉 and work mostly all day physically on our spread. Sure I played my cards well growing up from a broke hitch hiker to debt free fully retired at 50… but big deal ;-o However if I figured it out while growing up then IMHO so can everyone else if they so desire. Key is they do not wish to put the mental effort, sacrifice, physical effort, self control and self drive into it. They say they want it but will not do what it takes…
              Howard has a stick up his ass about me and I feel sad for him ;-( It must really hurt to, but I already got over it so I am OK. I feel real sad for him at time as I gaze out my home I designed and built with floor to second story windows over looking our secluded Ranch in the mountains of North Idaho… so sad. He almost brings tears to my eyes as I watch the flocks of wild turkeys, deer, occasional elk and other wildlife on our old place here. I think of poor old Howard still living in his Mom’s basement bent over his computer all day…. It almost makes me want to throw another old tire on my slash pile.

              I hope Howard is fat but don’t tell him 😉

              • Howard Roark

                Yeah, it sounds like your over it. You weren’t “joking”, you were serious. Just read the self-love, “look at ME!” from the “self-centered prick…”

                A likely gummint pensioner or socialist security mooch. You need to brag because of your intense insecurity which is common with someone of your tepid I.Q.

                You know nothing of me or my physical state and preps or anyone else for that matter, you build a strawman that makes you feel superior and then knock it down.

                You’re a cartoon, a tire burning simpleton

                We’ll see how well your “seclusion” protects you and the rest of your hill people clan once the satanists release the hemisphere wide biologic. But then with your gene pool that will be no loss.

                Sorry to dash your hope, but again, understandable with someone of your limited mental capacity.

              • Howard Roark

                BTW, Deliverance…

                ” we should just get rid of fat/obese people. They cannot hide they are to(too) fat. They cannot run away they are to(too) fat. They can be exported to Africa and learn to eat less or eat the blacks.”

                “Too” is an adverb meaning (1) additionally, (2) excessively, (3) very, or (4) extremely. NOT “to”

                Fuck me to tears are you stupid.

                • Rancher

                  Poor howard,

                  He has now taken on the self-appointed role of English tutor for the blogs. Sadly no one really cares about perfect language use here.
                  I also know your hatred of me must have another underlying source… like you r Mom cut you off … again or she washed your mouth out with soap or turned off your basement lights and eft you in the dark …again.
                  Regardless I forgive you and give you… grace. In fact we all do for your profanity and vulgar writings. You know howy I generally have low expectations of people thus I am seldom disappointed. You go real far in enforcing that belief. Thanks for that 😉
                  I sure hope things get better for you real soon and your Mom lets howard/norman have it again as she also turns the lights back on. Oh by the way have you told her she is also going to die at your side when the bios are released into the atmosphere? You know… one gets out of here alive so being told we will all die is…no real revelation. Once again not disappointed 😉 Thanks twice.

                  Got to head outside for a days works around the spread. Will be doing some shooting on the rifle range to as all work and no play sucks ;-0

                • Howard Roark

                  So, you’re offended by my profanity, but then infer incest and forgiveness in the same “sentence”? You can barely communicate, are you a soak or REALLY that dumb? “Forgiveness”, you can’t even use sarcasm(look it up) well?!!

                  And another tired, playground strawman, what year did you quit “skool” or did you never attend?

                  “You know howy(try “howie”, Mother Of God are you retarded!!!) I generally have low expectations of people thus I am seldom disappointed.”

                  Yeah, no shit, being who you are low expectations are the norm, no doubt, but then how would you even know??

                  Go outside and kill something lower on the food chain with an intelligence lesser than your own, if it exists.

                • Howard Roark

                  Is that you pitching or catching, “Rancher?”

  • Gnostic

    I do however disagree with Jack on the difference between Zionism & Judaism as they are one & the same. Jack was a good well meaning man, however, like 99% of believers in the Abrahamic religions & their books they have been brainwashed into believing the good side of a book that speaks with forked tongue, The Bi in Bi-ble meaning 2 meanings,

    Don’t let your priests, pastors, rabbis, imans, etc explain it to you, they have too been brainwashed or if they know they don’t say, it is quite a lucrative business.

  • SweetHomeChicago

    Look at the so-called “food” being served.

    People need to educate themselves on nutrition and health. Remove GMO wheat from your diet, high fructose corn syrup and you will be amazed at the weight reduction!

    Eat organic, pastured/free range, and raise your own veggies/fruit. Go right to the farmer to purchase your meat. Use farmer’s markets too. Make the connection.

  • newfynew777

    Dees usually does if not always spectacular illustrations,but afraid he got this one wrong[nice haircut on the dad and the 2 sons as well btw..]
    it’s glaringly obvious something is missing TOO..
    and as Micky “WHAT CHEMTRAILS? I DON’T SEE NO CHEMTRAILS” Rivero tells us daily on his WRH radio show:
    look for “what “should” be there and isn’t”,
    or for “what “shouldn’t be there but is”
    and that something that “should” be there in the illustration above is
    tattoos..there “should” be,
    satanic tattoos plastered on all of um,head to toe,on the side and back of the neck,arms,hands,fingers,pubic area,butt,legs,feet,and toes,as well as satanic piercings in the eyelids,tongue,ears,nose,forehead,and lips..
    & yes… we see um literally everywhere we go,in the land of the fad crazed pied piper and his tattooed followers,home of the brave gangsta rappa..
    and ESPECIALLY on the fattest,morbidly obese critters you’ve ever laid eyes on,so SOMEBODY..ANYBODY will notice them,or look at them other than because they’re so morbidly obese, WITH HIDEOUSLY FOUL BODY ODOR TO MATCH,AS constant PROFUSE SWEATing,DIRT,DEAD SKIN AND ODOR GETS TRAPPED IN THE FOLDS OF FAT,AND THEY walk around..[no..wait…make that they are seen always always always riding in the motorized shopping carts.. smelling like rotten potatoes..
    very rarely do we see anyone without any tattoos on them..
    America is the land of sociopathic leaders and 320 million brain dead Hollywood fad followers..the banker pied pipers that run America can get Americans to do ANYTHING,
    if a Hollywood movie “star”scumbag has tried it or already did it, or tried to do it first..we are a nation of blind followers with a satanic banker pied piper,
    leading the entire flock of brain dead lemmins[sheeple],right off the cliff..

    • Bill

      Brutal!! All of it often true none the less. One other thing missing is the shithole mess in which that type person would often live. People like that are usually undiciplined, slothful and lack the self respect and organization to clean up or repair the places in which they “live”. Having been involved in the reclamation of such “homes”, I believe it is more common than anyone might think.

    • Rancher

      Keep up the truth bro!!

      Nothing wrong with brutal either. As long as you let it be applied in return.
      I sometimes come across the wally mart photos of the sub human freaks lurking there. They kinda want to make me go home a target practice some more ;-0

      Those pictures of the obese guy/gal with the low hung shorts bending over so brings back memories of the grand canyon or where the…no (Star Trek) man has gone before final frontier…. You know where the worm hole resides. I read about that term and place at NASA so it must be true.

      • Howard Roark

        “sometimes come across the wally mart photos of the sub human freaks lurking there. They kinda want to make me go home a target practice some more ;-0”

        Wow, that’s a mouthful coming from you, how would you even know?!

        • Rancher

          Howy… You posting from your mom’s basement again? You know your strings are so easy to play and my ability to get a jerk off response from you it is truly amusing. I will also not waste my band width watching your family video you posted above.

          Signed… Your Puppet Master

          • Howard Roark

            What band-width hobo Joe? You haven’t mental capacity. You can try and play off your stupidity anyway you like, it’s fooling no one.

            It’s a battle of wits and you’re the unarmed opponent.

            I hope you didn’t breed…outside your “kin”.

            • Rancher

              You are truly a pathetic and sad example of a human being. Regardless I forgive you and elect to move on 😉

              I will comment from time to time between my retired life which is full of countryside activities almost daily. Was watching some wild turkey today while on my shooting range on some rolling hay fields and never even gave you a thought.

              Remember Howy even God loves you and you should stop thinking about incest and your Mom as you posted above.Shame on you….you mind and thoughts are in the gutter.

              • Howard Roark

                “You are truly a pathetic and sad example of a human being.”

                Is that right, “Rancher?” Let’s see YOUR quote(s) from posts on THIS THREAD are here somewhere…ah, yes, here they are!!!

                “I sometimes come across the wally mart photos of the sub human freaks lurking there. They kinda want to make me go home a target practice some more ;-0″…”I also know your hatred of me must have another underlying source… like you r Mom cut you off”…”Remember Howy even God loves you and you should stop thinking about incest and your Mom as you posted above.″…”you mind and thoughts are in the gutter.”

                Really, “my” thoughts are? Above are QUOTES from all YOUR posts, in THIS thread, all people have to do is scroll up…to see you’re a liar, hypocrite and wanna be murderer…but you’re giving out temperance lectures and survival brags?

                You’re an incredibly juvenile(“reflecting psychological or intellectual immaturity”, with your low I.Q it’s a given) hypocrite…I’ll save you the lookup, Deliverance…

                noun hyp·o·crite \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\

                : a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees and whose actions contradict those beliefs

                My statements of you are facts, not attacks…you continue to provide the evidence.

                But, again this is VERY common to one of your dull normal intellect(80–89 “Low average”), you can’t help it.

                I’m here…(130–144 “Gifted or very advanced”(142 as tested))

                I look forward to more of your limited, trailer park type responses that compensate for the insecurity that accompanies your low I.Q.

  • Kevin

    In the event of the zombie apocalypse, they will be the first to go (can’t run fast enough). Any other apocalypse, they will survive widespread famine by living off their massive fat reserves.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. Even those of us who are slightly over-weight get teased about it by some. Whenever my wife makes a joke about my belly, I tell her that it is not a “gut” or a “pot”, it is simply an on-board food reserve. But WTF? At age 66, I deserve a little more belly than I had in my 20s and 30s. lol

      • Harvey Wallbanger

        Same here Ed, I’m also close to you in age but the picture by Dees sure reflects what I often see. A couple of years ago I had a bad fall breaking my leg in 3 places and blowing up my ankle at the same time. When I healed sufficiently to attempt an outing with my leg in a cast I went to get some groceries at Wal-Mart since they had the ride on shopping scooters. When I got there not one of them was available since they were all transporting someone that had an ass like a Clydesdale and would really have benefitted from a bit of exercise by walking.

  • Troy

    “Livin the Dream”

  • Sam

    Kevin, Upon an attack during a retreat, one just needs to run faster than the slowest one in the bunch…but, ya, being fit is extremely important….that’s why I do plenty of 12 ounce curls with my German Pilsener Warsteiner brew 🙂

  • Mary

    I’m certain I know this family. I’ve seen them at Walmart.

  • chris

    Where’s da butta?

    I think the artist should go for realism. Three fat guys in a room and everyone knows at least one has his hand down the front of his pants and at least one his scratching his walnuts.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    There is that one advantage to having some excess weight, especially those really fat people as displayed in the image.

    They’ve got plenty of food storage always with them, and they can survive for about a year with just water & toilet paper (and perhaps a vitamin or two per week just to fend off any deficiencies.)

    Belly Fat/AssFat= Bought and Paid for. Food bank under the belt.

    I’ve reduced my calorie intake deeper, to lose a bit of poundage. I was still gaining weight on 2,000 calories, so now I’m down to about 1200-1500/day, and finally losing some of this excess weight.

    After 40, 50, 60, it gets harder and harder to lose weight. There are some lucky people with such “thin” genetics, they never gain weight and always have that “younger” looking body.

    • Ed_B

      “There are some lucky people with such “thin” genetics, they never gain weight and always have that “younger” looking body.”

      We’ll see just how “lucky” they are when the food runs out. My guess is that they will starve first.

  • E Vestigo

    How we’re being conquered.Programming people to slowly self-destruct with constant attacks on the mind, body and spirit. Negative frequencies and bad resonance.

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