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Andrew Hoffman – Can It Get Any Worse?

from Financial Survival Network:

What Isn’t Imploding Now Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Silver above 200 DMA ($15.96) for first time in five months. Gold ($1,176) knocking on the door.

Peak gold confirmed by Goldcorp

$2.7 trillion of lost debt by Fed

Earnings season starts miserably, time for commodity/shale producers to pay the piper

End of the belief that central banks can save us.

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3 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Can It Get Any Worse?

  • Ed_B

    “Can It Get Any Worse?”

    One of the rules that I live by is to not ask any questions to which I don’t really want the answer. This seems to fall into this class. Can it get worse? Sure it can. It can ALWAYS get worse than it is and it rarely ever misses an opportunity to do so, IMO.

    • Eric

      Although I hate to make assumptions and always tell others not to do so, I think we can safely assume it is going to get worse. But that is what we have been preparing for over the years. Unfortunately it needs to get worse so that others wake up and start asking questions and wondering what is going on and more importantly WHY! Nobody ever asks WHY.

  • Nick

    I always assume that every new year in Nightmarica will be worse than the year before…

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